08 Dec 2015

I read a story here the other day of a dildo placed in the fridge which reminded me of an incident that happened to me.

Many years ago I had a girlfriend that liked to do different stuff which included ice play in and around her pussy. So being and engineer I allied my mind to the task at hand and decided to remove the inside of a broken flexible dildo, fill it with water and freeze it. It was used frequently and worked a treat until the ice melted and it all ran out onto the bed. (I never said I was a good engineer.)

Anyway the relationship ended and the frozen dildo sank deeper and deeper into the freezer until one day I asked my domestic if she would clean out the freezer which she duly did.

When I returned home from work and opened the freezer there was this dildo, freshly washed and filled with water, in a plastic cup for support while it reached optimum temperature and rigidity.

The following week I could not look her in the eyes.

With time it moved further and further into the freezer and once it was shielded by a trusty packet of Escort Pork sausages I retrieved it and tossed it.