18 Sep 2018

It was our first meet and after a long day at work and I was looking forward to meeting someone who I had been getting to know for the last while.

Prior to our meet we spent a lot of time chatting online and getting to know each other, turn ons and how far to push the envelope, so I thought I knew what I was in for.

Even though we had chatted and for a while I was still a little nervous which was a little strange, I pulled up to our agreed meeting point and waited patiently in my car so we could walk in together, We both ordered something light and it was going really well, as we leave she invites me back to her place.

As we arrive I wasn't exactly sure what to expect I was thinking we would continue with getting to know each other (this is a first meet after all) but before I knew what was happening she had dragged me to her bedroom , we stand there and this is when this took a bit of a turn, she confesses that this was her first time inviting someone over from SH and that she was nervous. I ask her to sit down and she nervously sits down on the edge of the bed. I get behind her and brush her hair aside and tell her to relax

I slowly start to give her a shoulder massage and tell her that we don't have to do anything and that its ok to be nervous , as I massage her we talk and she starts to drift away and shes starting to loosen up and enjoy it , she leans back and I hear her softly moaning , I lean in and kiss her neck, I feel her hand running through my hair, she stands up and lays next to me on the bed, we now touching each other all over at some point all our clothes were off (but for the life of me I remember how we got naked)

Looking at her I enjoy her body touching it , kissing my way down her body (I am a pleaser and love pleasuring a woman) i take my time licking my way up and down her legs over her lips , teasing her until i feel her hips moving with my touch , my tongue slipping through her lips opening her up and i can feel her anticipating the touch of my tongue on her clit and as my tongue touches her clit shes holds down on the sheet lets out a loud moan , i enjoy eating her out for the next while and as things heat up I reach for the condoms, while she's on her back i take her hands pin it over her head and slowly slip inside her hot wetness , we both let out a moan as i start to slowly move in and out

Taking my time slowly going in and out until i almost pop out and then go back in , this seems to be driving her crazy , as she gets louder i start to go a bit faster, she lifts her legs and I go deeper , i lay down and she gets on top of me i ask her to not take me in yet and take my member between her lips and glide up and down , she starts off slow and works her way into a faster motion, the shaft of my penis rubbing through her lips and tip of my cock brushing against her clit

We switch positions again and i get behind her in a doggy position as i go in and out i grab her ass and dig my nails into her back this seems to get her going more as she starts to push back and take me into her , i reach for her hair and pull on it lightly as i go in and out of her faster and harder until out bodies are smacking together

she take me pulls me onto the bed gets me to lay down and gets on top of me and rides me harder than i had ever been rode before, holding onto the headboard as she bucks her hips, she goes for a while and we are truly rocking the bed , i can no longer hold back and i warn her that im going to cum , but she does not stop and keeps going i finally release and we both collapse

when she finally gets off is when i noticed what i was not expecting, she rode me so hard she rode the condom off of me , i look at her saying fuck, she looks at me and goes dont worry its ok.