Written by funrisk

23 Jun 2012

We had gone on a short holiday with a group of mixed race couples. They thought we were too shy and so expected nothing and we got no invites.

So I decided to bet my wife in a game of poole if the other couple would bet the wife if I won. Just a striptease. Nothing more.

Well his wife said she would win and I admit i struggled to hold her off. Finally she did win. They did not ask us to honour our pledge and all departed.

Well on the next to last day or so we were all gathered together in a lodge house and Laura had prepared to give the striptease show. Not knowing this they just asked her to show a leg as if that was a great favour. She did.

Seeing that this was getting in the way of the show I passed my camera to a guy and showed him how to make a video.

Then we started. They seemed very surprised and cheered us on with lots of comments about it getting better and better etc.

I teased them a good bit as she got close to totally naked holding her breast and hiding it from view. We threw her bra to the audience and later saw it swinging in front of the camera.

"Turn around turn around" came the cry. They wanted a rear view.

Then down came her panties (layer number two of panties just to tease them) and just moments after she turned around fully nude - a disturbance at the door just along from where she was. Room service wanted something. Laura jumped and ran away fast as far as the inlet kitchen allowed - no door...anyway the maid went and out came laura as I held her on display arms high and played with her body and tits.

Well we did the whole thing and we still have the video and comments like "She can even fuck me with a body like that" from a lady.

The ladies kept wanting me to strip too which was a surprise to me and eventually I did - or at least Laura helped me and grabbed my cock like she had a dog's lead in her hand.

Before we knew it there was a matress on the floor. Instructions were given "I'm the director!" - "No do it this way dear..." and I got felt up and sucked on and cock sucked and then fucked and just then the door right beside us was opening as room service wanted something!

Well hastily the host rushed to the door and ushered the 'disturbance' away. lol lol we all laughed.

So another sucking finished the job and gradually things calmed down. When invited to cum on Laura none of the men volunteered - I think they were scared of what their wives would say...

Some of the pics can be seen on our profile and album.

Next day we played poole again but to Laura's disappointment I won this time.

Another thing we have fantasised is being hunted by a group of men that have become ardently desirous of having her so I wrote a fiction story on another page here called The Hunt. Enjoy.