18 Apr 2018

I have recently watched the movie “the Intern”. It put a big smile on my face as I have experienced the advantages of carrying a handkerchief first-hand. More than once. [For those of you not familiar with the movie...a retired man is placed as an intern under a yuppie woman as part of an experiment by the young management of a vibrant modern company. She first hates him….and then learned that his life experience could be valuable. He used to carry a handkerchief – not for his own benefit, but mainly for comforting females when the need arises.]

Many male marathon athletes that I know, would put plasters on their nipples prior to a race. Forty two km is sufficiently long to rub your nipples to a bloody affair - even with the most delicate of tops over it. Men need protection. [On top of that I always used to carry a handkerchief with me…]

I was under the impression that women athletes don’t do the plaster thing. Their breasts are normally well contained in designer type sport bra’s and I was unaware that they might experience the same rubbing problem. But apparently some do…

On the same Two Lagoons marathon previously mentioned (yet a different year), I once came running into a refreshment area / water point. And there was a lady athlete from a PE club looking for plasters. The support team had none and I started scratching around the pockets of my waste belt and triumphantly lifted 2 plasters in her direction. She took them and walked around the temporary toilet, mumbling something like : “They won’t stick on the sweat…”

I half-followed her saying that my handkerchief may help. “Can I borrow it please?” she asked and I interpreted that as permission to follow her to the back of the toilet. By that time her bra was off. She showed the 2 plasters back at me and followed :” Would you mind?” What a question…. I took out my clean handkerchief, duly rubbed the sweat off both breasts, took the plasters and start applying them. But those nipples pointed out far and they were rock solid. It took me a little while to decide how best to apply a plaster to a nipple that size.

We did not complete the race together, neither have we really chatted again after that incident. However, each time we saw each other at races, we would greet and know… In fact, the very first time we saw each other at a race back in PE afterwards, she turned very, very red when she recognised me.

I am glad I could be of assistance…