Written by nawty2

18 Jun 2012

It's December and its the start of the summer holidays. The academic year is coming to a close and my colleagues and i went out for dinner. We had a great evening and even though we were a bunch of adults, I don't think one loses the ability to be a kid, even if its for one night. We all mixed our drinks and soon we were all getting pissed. My best friend, Matthew, works with me and he asked me if I could drop him off at home when we leave. With that arranged earlier that day, we started to party. After dinner, we went to a club and Jane, my other colleague was getting really drunk. Being the total gentleman i am, I said I'd make sure she got home safely. 2-3hrs later we were ready to go home. Matthew and I helped Jane to my car where she basically passed out on the back seat.

Getting into the car, Matthew looked back at Jane passed out and noticed her skirt was pushed up and her knickers were showing. He turned around in the car and started feeling up her legs. I asked him what he's doing and he said he's going to play with her cunt. I started laughing not thinking he was serious, but he was. Dead serious too. He climbed over the front seat and sat at the back with Janes legs open and rubbed her pussy. Jane none the wiser started moaning. Now at this point i told him to stop. Jane through her drunken stupor opens her eyes and says to him not to stop.

I immediately started getting hard and unzipped myself and started playing with my cock. Matthew had by this time taken off Jane's knickers and was fingering her. He was telling me how hot her pussy was and how wet he was making it. Matthew is a good looking guy, well built and a damn nice guy . This was so out of character and it made me even more horny. I wanted to see what he was doing and pulled over into a side street.

Matt lifted Janes legs and bent down on the seat and started eating her pussy. Jane was pushing back onto his mouth. He looks at me at says i need to to taste this bald wet pussy for myself. He gets out of the car and i get into the back seat. I life her legs and stick my tongue deep into her pussy tasting her wetness and sweet nectar.

Jane was moaning so and it drove me to dig deeper. Matt had opened the car door on the other side and fed Jane his big hard cock. She sucked him with such eagerness it looked like she wanted his balls in her throat too. I felt his hand on my head pushing my face deeper into her pussy. Jane was deep throating Matt and before i knew it, she had an orgasm on my tongue. Fuck that was hot. I told Matt and he wanted her eat her cunt to taste it. I moved out of the way for him to do so.

We got Jane out of the car at that point and she was laying on the car bonnet, legs open, skirt off and her shirt pushed up exposing her tits. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy and couldn't wait to fuck her. I rammed my cock into her soaking wet cunt and fucked her hard. I wanted to cum and and I also knew once i'd cum, i'd want to fuck her again, slowly.

I fucked her for about 10 minutes only when i told Matt and Jane I'm cumming. I rammed my cock deep into her and had a damn good orgasm. with drawing my cock from her Matt started fucking her. He was saying how slippery his cock feels in her pussy and how my cum was coating his cock. While Matt was fucking Jane, I was sucking on her tits, biting, nibbling, pinching. I ran my hands over Matt's pecs and pinched his nipples as well. He moaned at that and I thought that this quiet street where we parked would be full of people if he moaned any louder. He sucked her harder and quicker telling Jane his going to blow his load deep in her. Jane had had a few orgasms by now and was a happy camper at this point. Matt shot his load in her and immediately knelt down to lick her. He licked her for about 2 minutes and got up and cleaned himself off. Jane was as sober as a priest by then and wanted to have a drink in a nearby bar again. Well needless to say we obliged and went for that drink. What happened in round 2 will be another confession i need to tell you about. Matt, Jane and I still work together and Jane's quite shy about that night when we make reference to it. That was the first time my buddy and I shared a girl, but it sure wasn't the last.