Written by LoversCpt

08 Apr 2014

I have always had a few playmates & have had my fair share of 3sums etc. It's always been exciting, even if you dont always cum. I love my sexual independence. My rules were clear...I want sexual chemistry, but no cuddling & wining & dining and crap.A mere 2 months ago I met a man on a site, we met for a drink...& yes the conversation was about sex & how I find most men what I have done etc. But he was different..unless he did so when I wasnt looking he looked me in the eyes the whole time & didnt once suggest he cop a feel under my dress. We laughed etc.Long story short we have met after that few times & he was surprisingly good at making me cum the 1st time, & all he knew from conversations is that I need clitoral stimulation. But it still takes a few rounds for some to get it just right. He loves how wet I always get, covering his face or any other part in my juicesWe've grown close, our relationship more lovers than fuck buddies...I had gone against my own rules, but have found the sex is so much better when it's with feeling (yes yes Alex(a chat friend)...I know you're going to tease me endlessly for being such a bad ass & now changing my tune)...the ice queen is melting.Anyway..so we've met quite a few times by now...Wednesday we both took day off & he came over very early. i was waiting on my stomach in a black gstring & bra & he started kissing Me from my legs, my bum,.my back & up to my neck..whispering he'd missed me. We made love, we played, we rested, we talked & laughed etc.6 Hrs of play my pussy was slightly red & swollen by now & he told me to get on him, gesturing we do 69. I obliged & he ate me deep licked my clit and sucked me between his lips while I sucked his cock & played with his balls. He put 2 fingers in me, & then 3, with his thumb on my clit & fucked me fast & hard while still in 69. I stopped sucking as I just had to moan from pleasure, instead stroking him hard. And then I came...but he said "babe it's like you're peeing on me". When it subsided I asked him if I should get off, but I did before he answered. I had showered his chest with watery cum, not hectically, it running down his neck & some of it splashed in his face. I said I was sorry...it was my 1st time squirting...but he told me to get back on him, his cock as hard as wood now. He licked my pussy inside & on top, while I sucked again & again I came...and he shot his cum over my boobs.So...now I cant say anymore that I'm not keen on squirters..when in fact he has now made me squirt.Lovers are better than fuck buddies indeed. Now we want to include women, men & couples