Written by Mister_Magic

06 Jul 2015

Having a three some with my wife and another guy, was fantastic. We've done it a few times before, but after four rounds I was exhausted. As my wife and he continued, I rested abit ... And before I knew it I was asleep.

I woke up a short while later, to find my wife sucking his cock, relaxing in the middle of the two of us, and just taking her time. I dozed off again, only to wake up moments later but to the find the lights are off and were in the dark, but also woke up to this fantastic blow job. I layed there and enjoyed it for a while ...

Then the person sucking my cock (who I thought was my wife) came up for a moment to to reposition, but I could still hear the sound of someone sucking cock. As I sat up too have a better look, I found that it was indeed the gentle man that was sucking my dick as my wife sucked him at the same time. I couldn't believe my actions as I pretended not too notice cause it felt so damn good, and just layed back with my eyes closed and enjoyed the blow job.

I explode in his mouth, he sucks each drop of my come out of my cock, and sucked it till I was totaly soft. Then he explodes and my wife was over the moon, she loves sucking a squirting cock. After a few minutes she decides to clean up and shower, with this guys still next to me. I feel movement next to me and notice his playing with his own cock, then as I pretend to be asleep, I feel a hand move over to my cock.

I just layed there and allowed it, couldn't believe I was allowing him to touch me. I then couldn't resist and gave into the moment, and found my hands and his hard cock. The moment I touched his cock, he sat up and put his mouth all over my stiff hard and thick cock, I didn't notice my wife had come out of the shower standing there and watching this.

When I saw her, I stoped and she insisted no, this feels good and switches off the light and were yet again in darkness. My wife leans me forward, I'm caught up in the moment so don't realise what she doing but she moves my head closer to the gentle mans cock, and before I knew it his head was pushing up against my lips. I pull away, and my wife reassures me "its okay, don't worry, relax, I know you gonna enjoy it just give it a try" and just like that his cock was in my mouth. Didn't think it would be so enjoyable