Written by LoversCpt

08 Apr 2014

I have the scarf in my hand planning on tying your hands together & blindfolding you so I can abuse you, lower my dripping pussy on to your face & ride your mouth & tongue, planning on biting your nipples & sucking your cock.

I sit over your cock, my pussy already wet & I kiss you deeply...god I've missed touching you, missed kissing you so much, all though I only saw & rode your cock 3 days prior.

Once I've felt your tongue probing my mouth & your cock growing underneath my clit my breathing quickens & the scarf is forgotten over your chest & all I want is to feel every part of you against me.

I move my wet clit over your cock few times & going back again your cock gets scooped in by my spread pussy & I moan feeling it suddenly sliding in.

I keep riding you like a woman possessed, moaning & looking at your face showing pleasure as I fuck your cock hard, now & then slippin out only to rub my clit & scooping your cock back in me...going faster & harder. I kiss you in between and grab your face, you throw your head back & meet my thrusts, your hands gripping my hips & pushing me even more on to your cock.

My pussy is getting hotter & you tell me how I'm soaking your cock & balls.

Finally we can't anymore & you shoot your cum inside me & I push down hard as you moan with your mouth agape.

I am so out of breath & you start smiling at me..I ask you "what?" And you reply with a smile "You fucked me good".

We clean up & you play with my clit & eventually come sit between my legs putting your fingers inside me as I rub my clit. I get to peak, but I get too sensitive this time & I have to stop you.

We shower together, I rub your cock while water runs over it and us...kissing for the last time until we meet again.