Written by WeLikeFun

24 May 2014

When S and I met we steadily started talking about our fantasies, we edged each other into what we like and what we would like to do and to be done to us by the other person. A great way we found to express those things that aren't always as easy to say is to find porn that turns us on and then send that to each other. That way the other person gets an idea of what you like and you get a way to tell them all the sensitive things without having to blush or get shy in the process.

It has been through this process where S and I realised her complete submissive side, and where she found the openness to express her bisexual nature.

She also then expressed the deep desire within herself to be dominated and made to submit, not only by myself but with another woman assisting me in doing so. She researched and found that she is indeed a cuckquean. Since then she has actively been looking for someone to join us and for someone for me to have while she is either permitted to watch or should she be given permission, to join.

It has also been opened up that should I be on business trips or the scenario arises where I get the opportunity with another woman I am allowed to explore that option, on condition that my sweet S gets a picture or video of the lady as well as a complete rundown of the events that took place.

How is that for a once in a lifetime type woman...