19 Apr 2017

Arent veggies divine especially the cucumber :)

Having done the grocery shopping and gotten home b4 my boyfriend , i proceeded to pack away the groceries when i spotted the cucumber , long and hard.

My boyfriend was due home soon but i figured i had time...

Quickly stripping off and climbing on the bed , i grabbed my toy bag , using my vibrator i started to play with my clit , my pussy was wet and my clit throbbing , i turned my vibrator to full speed and teased my clit, i picked up the cucmber with my other hand and slid it into my waiting pussy, there was a sucking noise and a fullness i cannot describe, my back arched i could feel my body tensing, hearing a gasp i looked towards the door, there stood my boyfriend, already naked with a glorious hardon , his face filled with glee as he watched me fuck myself with the cucumber , he climbed onto the bed, reached for the cucumber and threw it aside, he roughly pushed my legs up high and entered me . I squirted all over him immediately my orgasms just kept rolling, he pushed my knees over my shoulders fucking me harder and deeper , he movements wild and uncontrolled, he orgasmed fast , releasing a full load of cum into my punished pussy.

We have decided to make cucumbers part of our daily diet :)