31 May 2016

Stephane, true to his word did come back last night. Only thing is that he and Jean arranged to come over the same evening. Jean doesn't say it, but he doesn't like it when Stephane or Eric are intimate with wyfie and he himself is not there. The fact that she's bearing his second child makes him a bit more possessive, not sure thats the right work but there you have it.

So I was a bit surpised when I opened the door. So was wyfie. Well, nothing to be guilty about nor apologise for. We all know it's a group share and from ,that point on it's all good. Stephane brought a bouquet of roses. Jean a nice red wine from his own private collection. We opened that, let it breathe. Wyfie wore a thin pullover with shorts that ended half away up the thigh. Her fleshy thighs exposed, she gave them something to look at.

We moved to the bar area where I offered the lads a drink. Wyfie felt like something refreshing so a non-alcohol based cocktail, ice. Jean and Stephane were casually dressed, comfortable. We chatted about the day, work, our swing group. We also touched on the night before. Jean seemed content to listen, but moved behind wyfie, began to draw her into him, as he stood behind her. Stephane was content to keep chatting. Wyfie now firmly in Jean's grasp, his hands slipped beneath her overhanging pullover. Looked like one hand moved up to find her left breast. The other slipped into her shorts, feeling her pussy. She gasped as his fingers found their mark. This got the attention of Stephane and myself but we let Jean 'warm her up'.

After about 15minutes, Jean's hands seemed to work frantically in her shorts. Her breathing became rapid. Stephane was now tuning in. He made his way in front of Jean and knelt down, pulled on wyfie's shorts and dropped them to her ankles followed by her sexy lacey underwear. Stephane went forward and began to lick her, probe her pussy, while Jean's middle finger encircled her clit. Together, Stephane tongue fucked her pussy while Jean's finger expertlysent her clit into a frenzy!

I made no attempt to join. There would be time for that later. Right now they were focussed on her sexual arousal, her pleasure. Wyfie moaned, opened her mouth and eyes closed as she enjoyed their touch. Stephane now had his cock in one hand while he tongue fucked her pussy. Stroking himself, his organ was growing rapidly. Jean teasing her nipples, her mouth on his jaw, Stephane engulfed her pussy and licked her pussy and clit at the same time. Wyfie winced and braced herself as her body shook, trembled and gave in to the passion. She came hard and Stephane reached into her further and further with his tongue... fucking her pussy with it through her orgasm..suddenly, Stephane picked himself up, hoisted her onto Jean's lap. parting her legs and dropping his trousers, Stephane ran his fully erect cock up and down her slit, lubricating it, then jacked her pussy standing up. She yelped but Jean put his middle finger into her mouth so she could taste herself. Stephane nailed her hot wet pussy. Long powerful strokes, he reached in deep and fucked her like a porn star! Her orgasm resumed rapidly

Just then Stephane hammered her pussy harder, faster then held it deep, ejaculated, staying deep while her kissed her. Barely spent, Jean needed his release too. Stephane pulled out and Jean slid him and wyfie off the bar stool. Still behind her, he placed both hands on her shoulders and pressed down. She understood and sank first to her knees, then placed her hands flat on the floot. Stephane knelt in front of her, leaned in and kissed her mouth, before picking his head up and directing her mouth to his wet semi-rigid cock. I watched him take her mouth.

Jean got down and behind and was soon picking up where Stephane left off. He nailed her pussy and now it was clear, her pleasure was not the priority, their's was. Jean brought her close to orgasm twice then pulled out, frustrating her. Almost punishing her. below her, semen ran down her thigh and also appeared on the floor. skewered both ends, the lads fucked her like you do another man's wifie while he watches. Jean eventually went deep and his seed joined Stephane's inside her.

Stephane had his erection back and went round the back. Jean came forward and wasted no time taking her mouth. I needed to join them. I was rock hard and throbbing. I went round the back and spread her cheeks a bit more for Stephane. I urged him to fuck her hard and fast. He did but was no where near to orgasm, so I asked him to pull out, I took his place and pushed into her. My cock unsucked and dry now felt hot liquid as I found her cervix. Stehane and my side, I pumped her pussy hard and fast; I was so fucking horny. Balls slapping her clit. More seemen dripping down and out of her as I nailed her pussy. Next I arched my back and emptied my balls inside her pussy, forcing her to wimper as my semen struck her inside. Just as abruptly, I pulled and let Stephane rake her pussy out again. We were gentle but very firm and purposeful. You have to fuck them hard this way. It's what keeps them hooked on the lifestyle, on cock!

Spent, I watched the guys fuck her some more. Until then, her mouth and pussy got the lions share of cock. However you have never really fucked a woman if you haven't taken her sexy asshole. We took her to the guestroom and placed her on her back legs spread. The semen ran down to her asshole. Jean penetrated her asshole first, while Stephane nursed her breasts and I put my cock in her mouth. We took our pleasure. Wyfie enjoyed the attention. I got my turn to nurse her breasts and penetrate her butt. We cleaned our cocks off, hygiene during pregnancy is a high priority if ever! Going back, we just sorta frolicked on thge bed with her. Kissing her, cuddling, caressing, nursing her breasts, running fingers over her pussy...I was tired and needed to sleep. So was wyfie, but both Stephane and Jean were not quite done with her yet. I watched Jean position her over him and insert his cock into her pussy. Then He smiled at Stephane....Stephane knelt between and slowly eased his cock piggy back over Jean's cock. If a baby's head could come through there, then two cocks fighting for the same space shouldn't be an issue. They took time and wyfie had this deep, dark look that said, fuck me and don't stop what you've started. It took a while before both cocks were balls deep. Her pussy stretched, they slowly fucked her and gave her a double ejaculate...whatever was left to give.

When they were done, and pulled out, both Jean and Stephane went down on her and licked her pussy, her clit, her asshole. They made her cum. Then they let us go upstairs......It was 2am. 6am and I moved in the bed. I couldn't feel wyfie. I went downstairs and in the guest room, she was dp'd ass and pussy by Stephane and Jean......they grinned at me, " sorry we had to wake her.....couldn't leave without......" .......Stephane groaned and came in her pussy.......a while later, Jean filled her asshole with morning cum. Then they left discreetly. Wyfie called in sick to work. She was exhausted but smiling. We've turned my little bitch into quite the swinger chick.