01 Sep 2015

Following the last episode with Jean, we have had him over several times. Sometimes he comes over alone and sometimes with his wife. Like last night.

Kids long asleep, we were expecting Jean and Karine. They arrived on que around 22H30. Greetings done at the door, we ushered them in. Jean love's a single malt scotch and I had something from Islay, Knockando 18 years old. I got us that and wyfie got herself and Karine a glass of red wine. We sipped and chatted to each other, while the sound of the television masked their presence. Never know, one of the kids could just get up from hearing strange voices. Karine wore black evening dress, her lovely legs and sexy thighs visible. Wyfie was fresh out of the shower, but wore white shaped summer dress with some sexy underwear that didn't leave much to the imagination.

As the scotch and wine got sipped, we all just relaxed that much more. Jean came over to the couch wyfie and I were sitting on. Sitting next to her, he took her glass and placed his glass on the coffee table then turned to her, took her face in his hands and kissed her. Karine looked at me and smiled, " he seems in a hurry ". I smiled back, while I ran my hand up wyfies inner thigh. Caressing her warm, smooth flesh, while Jean cupped her right brest and stuck his tongue into her mouth. Jean then reached for Karine, without breaking the kiss with wyfie. He got her infront of him, and fumbled his zip. Karine, got down and did the rest, before pulling his cock and began nursing it throat deep. Jean now had his left hand in Karine's hair, guiding her head on his cock. At the same time, his right hand, moved from wyfies face to her neck and shoulder, then back up to her neck.

I felt wyfie's pussy by pushing her g-string to one side. She was sopping wet, totally aroused and I slid my middle finger into her slowly. She moaned her approval while French kissing Jean. Jean moaned while his wife made love to his cock with her mouth, tongue and throat. Then Jean broke the kissing and let wyfie look at his cock. He held the base, while caressed his wife's hair, letting wyfie watch her suck. Then he moved his hand from the base of his cock up to wyfie, cupped her neck and slowly pushed forward. Wyfie leaned forward and down and Karine offered her Jean's cock. Wyfie picked up where Karine left of. I let her adjust her position before raising her one thigh and slowly working two fingers now up inside her. That made her moan. I got down eventually and slid my head between legs, pulled down her g-string so it dangled around one ankle. Then I licked her clit and flicked it back and forth while my two fingers gave her pussy a nice internal massage. I gave it some rythm with the mouth on her clit and the fucking with the fingers. She opened her mouth letting Jean's cock pop out as her orgasm started to engulf her. I sucked and finger fucked her steadily and Jean quickly popped his cock back into her mouth.

Karine now had my cock in her hands, from behind, wanking me and making it stiffer than it was already. Wyfie spent and her pussy moist it was time...time to give her up to Jean. We all got up and and went to the guest bedroom. Clothes off. Wyfie got laid on her back and Jean straddled her chest, propped her head with a pillow and teased her mouth with his cock. Karine got between her legs and ate her wet pussy, making her lose it. I got behind Karine and gave her pussy a fucking until the sounds of escaping air filled the room. I hammered her cunt and then pulled it, slapped on some KY Jelly and sunk it into her asshole. Slow and steady, slow and easy, fucked it nicely until I shot my load up her bum. Kept my cock in there. What is it about anal fucking another man's wife in his presence, makes me horny!

Jean was done with wyfie's mouth. He openly said to all he's not going to last after all that sucking. Karine asked him to cum in wyfie's mouth. Jean refused. He got off, and below, rolled up her legs and thighs and sunk his saliva covered cock into wyfie's pussy and hammered her, balls slapping her asshole, before he just went deep and groan. wyfie hooked her legs around his waist and they stayed that way until Jean's cock stopped twitching and convulsing sperm inside her. He pulled his cock and moved up, again, straddling her chest, giving her no choice but to nurse on his cock, savouring their combined fuck juice.

We dp'd Karine then wyfie. However I never seemed to get wyfie's pussy. When Karine wasn't sucking it, Jean was fucking it and inseminating it. I wasn't disappointed. I had Karine's ass and pussy and sometimes I lost track of which was which. Spent, we'd lay back and caress the ladies. They'd end up going down and sucking us until we could fuck them or sometimes sucking us till we came. Karine loves to have the semen strike her cheek or breasts. Jean doesn't always oblige her and never does with wyfie. He just holds them cock in the mouth until he's done cumming. They like submitting that way....