18 Jul 2018

A lot of you asked how I got to be one. It started long before I met Will. I was very promiscuous as a teenager and a college student but I always had a tinge of Methodist guilt about being so out of control. My first husband, who was my college professor asked me if I would do a threesome with him and his best friend. I had a crush on his best friend, but was reluctant to do it because I didn’t know how my ex would react. But eventually I gave in and did it and it was thrilling. After that the dam broke. My ex got us into a married couples swap group and he loved watching me enjoy others. Lots of others. It excited him so much and I loved to please him, and it became a way of my showing him how much I loved him. I became addicted to doing it.,

Being Will’s Hotwife was a bit of reverse engineering.,He was a relative innocent, and I got him into the lifestyle. He loved watching me with other women, because that’s every husband’s fantasy., But it took him a while to get used to me doing it with men. But Will (sweetie pie that he is) is a pleaser by nature, and just as I got addicted to having sex with others in front of my ex, Will got addicted to watching me have sex, because he knew how much it pleased me to do it in front of him, So I have gotten to eat my cake and have it too.,