Written by wstrndguy

07 May 2013

I was 26 years old. Just moved into an apartment on my own after I split from my girlfriend.

Single and well, horny. I had freedom again.

Young, good looking (I am told) and well, free again to do what I want!!

Since being single - I had not had a one night stand - you know, just a plain fuck with an anonymous girl I met at a bar! I have had some action thought with a married lady at work - a discreet pure sexual relationship - but I wanted the "walk of shame", the "you got laid last night - what was her name?...mm..i don't know!! type thing!

So, it was Friday and I was meeting some buddies at a pub to drink and jol! And yeah, I was going to try and get laid!

We went to Centurion for a few beers which became shots and ended up at Presley's of all places. You see, here you are assured to get laid by some older divorced (or not) lonely lady looking for shag from a guy. You might need to be a bit drunk, but hey, is a lay, not a relationship.

We order at the bar and I look around the place and notice quite a few parties of ladies alone (no guys with them) and normally these are the ones you can hit on. While gazing I feel the condoms in my pocket, 3 of them - not a fan of them - but playing the field, I would rather be safe than sorry. And in this circumstances and these ladies around me .... a condom will be required.

So, I was having a beer and then I saw her. She was not of the same "material" as the others here, I noticed she seemed to be maybe out of her comfort zone and clearly there with some friends. A bit older, probably 32 or maybe 35. Not 40 as a lot of the ladies at the club are.

I met her at the bar, opened the conversation with a joke, bought her drink that she ordered for her and we chatted. As we chatted, I realized she was there for the same reason I was, to simply get laid, and she thought that the type of guys at the place might be willing!! LOL. She was quite straight forward and hey, the truth is, a lot of people there are easy lays.

We chatted and danced a bit and well, got a bit closer and touched each other, danced more provocatively and then...well, we left, together, and I followed her to her place.

She lived in a flat near Silver Lakes and I parked my car, she waited for me, took my hand and led me to her flat. Opened the door, touched my chest and whispered in my ear to get comfortable and get us some beers from the fridge. She disappeared into her room and came out dressed a bit more comfortable (hair loose, no shoes, and jus the plain dress she was wearing - no jackets and scarves and all other accessories). As I gave her a beer, standing, she kissed me, took my hand and sat on the couch. We chatted a bit (btw, her name was Natasha) and she started touching my arm, my leg and so forth. I touched her leg, moved my hand to the inside and she came in for a kiss. She touched my crotch and my hand moved inside her leg and I felt that she took her panties off.

She started unbuttoning my shirt and suggested we move to her bed.

We kissed in front of it, my shirt was off and I lifted her dress off - she had no underwear on and was completely naked. I kissed her boob, then her mouth and she loosened my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. We fell on the bed and I rubbed her pussy and stuck a finger in, she was extremely wet. She started taking my cock from the jean and then started sucking my cock, it was amazing. She then pulled my jeans off, got back on the bed with her pussy in my face and started sucking my cock. I started to lick her. She was amazingly wet! Her sucking my cock and licking my balls got to me and started to moan.

She stopped and turned herself around.... I started to reach to the floor to find my jeans to get the condom when I felt her taking my dick and inserting it into her. I said that I don't have condom on and she apologized and said she was okay, but if I wanted a condom I can get it. I was already inside here and already sort off destroyed the moment - and decided I wasn't going to destroy it any further and started making rhythmic motions and grabbing her boobs. She reached down and kissed me. She was amazingly wet and warm inside and her pussy felt amazing on my cock. She started moaning and riding my faster... I kissed and licked her nipples, rubbing the other one with my fingers. She started squirming and I came... I shot my load into her, deep. She got off me and started to suck me off....pushed her pussy into my face and I tasted my own cum, mixed with her juices. This got me horny again and as she was sucking me, I started becoming hard again.

She asked me to fuck her ass (I have only done this to two girls before) and well, obliged. She took my cock quite quickly. And well, I shot my load up her ass as well. She turned around and did the same. The next session was all pussy sex, but in various positions and since coming twice already, it took a while for me to cum again. I fell asleep in her bed.

The next morning I got woken by a someone sucking on my cock, I smiled, not opening my eyes and then felt her climbing on me and inserting my cock into her... I opened my eyes and it wasn't the same lady, she was next to the bed, calmed me and said I must enjoy. It was her flatmate (Cindy) and she was horny for me..... Natasha started kissing me while Cindy was riding my cock.....then Natasha started kissing Cindy and well, I came....again into Cindy this time. I only realized afterwards that I fucking again without a condom! Cindy got off me, while Natasha started sucking me off! I was in heaven! This continued the whole of Saturday and I actually only left the flat Sunday morning- with Natasha's telephone number.

We started dating and well, Cindy played with a few times. About 6 weeks later I moved in with Natasha, who introduced me to swinging parties and introduced me to MMF threesomes - also made me become bisexual. But that is more for later on!

we broke up for some stupid reason I thought of - but I surely miss Natasha- she was a ravaging and a sex goddess!!