Written by Cape_Newbies

09 Feb 2015

My PlayMate and I have come a long way since meeting each other back in 2006. I was 20 at the time and he was 24. I was in my final year of university and had just received a prestigious scholarship from a multinational corporation. Part of my scholarship was a week long induction to the company consisting of various seminars, excursions and motivational talks. He was working for a media company at the time and was tasked with covering the introduction. Over the week, many of the other scholarship winners were attracted to him and tried to get his attention. We had friendly chats and laughs but I thought I was WAY too young and plain for him to notice me.

On the final night, the company threw a big party for us. Everyone was drinking and dancing. I noticed the girls still trying with him and were becoming really obvious about it. I decided to subtly play my cards with him. The girls kept insisting on dancing and were getting drunker as the night progressed. I on the other hand, decided big risk big reward. I told him that I was going to change my shoes and come back to the party, does he want to walk with me. He politely agreed. We got to my hotel room and he asked if he could check it out. We ended up making out. Needless to say, we didn't go back to the party.

The induction was over and we went our separate ways. I graduated and ended up working at the scholarship company. Randomly we ran into each other at the office and the sparks flew. We exchanged details and kept in contact. After a few saucy conversations, we decided to finish what we started back in 2006. We had set a time and date for him to come over to my apartment. Testing my level of obedience he requested that I meet him at the entrance in just a trench coat and heels; and that we watch porn before fucking for the first time. I did just that and he was blown away.

As we walked up the stairs to my apartment, he put his hand under my coat and started playing with my ass and pussy. As soon as my apartment door locked, I led him straight to my bedroom. We started our video and began getting increasingly horny with every sigh and thrust we were watching. Before long, his cock was rock hard and I was dripping wet. He immediately took my coat off, sucked my tongue and started moving down. He began massaging my big breasts and sucking on my erect nipples. I was completely naked and he was still fully dressed. I reached for his cock and he was HUGE!! I ripped his clothing off and stroked him while he fingered me deep in my pussy, making me beg for his cock to be inside me. He finally granted me my wish and plunged into my hungry pussy. He pounded me while I grabbed his ass and sucked on his tongue. He watched me come with absolute lust in his eyes. I grabbed his ass and pushed him even deeper inside of me while my pussy tightened around his cock even more.

He left me exhausted but oh so very satisfied. Little did I know that it would be the start of an ongoing sexual adventure with my Playmate as my tour guide. And that was the day I became a slave to his huge cock...