23 Apr 2017

Fact is , if something is forbidden then u want it even more. Despite our best effort we couldnt help but give in to our lust while we were housesitting.

Have u ever wondered what goes on in yr house while u away ......

We stuck to the family room . It was filled with two massive couches, we could lie side by side on one . A dangerous situation as i could feel him breathing in my neck. His hand roaming on my side up and down gently .he slides his hand forward to feel my nipples which are already hard in anticipation. I am one of the lucky few ladies who can orgasm through nipple play. He teases my nipples mercilessly. I cum often and push closer to him . We wonder if this couch is still a virgin couch as the house owners appear pretty prudish. I stand up and slip off my jeans and wriggle my butt in front of my bf. He laughs and quickly strips off. Butt naked he stands in front of me i take his cock in my hand and rub it then start to suck it. Nibbling on the head the way he loves it. He is rock hard in seconds, he pulls me up and pushes me over the armrest and slides he cock down my butt crack till he finds my pussy. Ready baby, he asks and pushes himself in without waiting for an answer. He shags me deep, my butt high over the armrest . I can feel every inch of him pushing into me , my wetness is seepinging over his cock and into the couch . Moaning loudly i orgasm a few times , i feel his cock almost doubling in size as he starts to orgasm. He fills me , his orgasm lasting a few minutes. As he pulls out our juices soak into the couch. We clean it up as much as we can and pray it doesn't leave a stain.

We wonder if the owners will ever suspect what has happened or if this couch will ever be christened again :)