25 Jun 2017

I have moved to a new place, I needed to install a line for Internet but it was impossible because the pipes were blocked.

I was advised to request my neighbours if I could get a line from their unit then a hole will be drilled between the two units.

My neighbours are a young white couple. The wife was home the day installers came. I knocked next door mentioned my predicament she was wearing a gown pj' s too she agreed on the installation request.

When the installer was done I thought it would be nice to volunteer Wi-Fi connection to her as a token of appreciation. I went to knock she answered who was it? I replied it's me she said come in. I went in I could hear she was in a shower. She asked me to wait she needed to put dry towel on hair. She came wearing towel wrapping her body and one on her head. I explained why I came she was grateful as she reached for her cell. The head wrap fell she tried holding it the main towel fell. Her beautiful naked body right there. I kept apologising she asked if I liked what I was seeing. But the bulge on my pants was a give away.

She told me it's been a while since she felt wanted and she feels I want her and as house warming gift i can have her. Damn what a tight juicy pussy.

I have never been bj' d till I fun in someone's mouth until that day. Then it was my turn to lick her I licked her tight pussy unti she murmured fuck me please. I fucked her , the pussy was tight her panting and scream of joy surely made other neighbours wonder. We came in unison.

I was thinking of changing Wi-Fi password maybe I might be lucky again?