Written by indbimale

30 Sep 2013

It was a friday night and I was invited to a house party . I couldn't wait to put my feet up and have a few drinks. It was a long week ! I grabbed a few drinks and crisps and headed over to the party . It was a relative that invited me over . Quite a big turn out , lots of different ages and all were in good spirits . During the night I took notice of a beautiful lady, she had a great figure and a firm ass! The black heels and sexy feet did it for me ! I couldn't help but wonder how good it would be to tap her with her heels on ! As the evening went on , guests began to leave. I had much to drink so I decided to bunk over. To my surprise , Miss Heels was also going to have a night cap. We exchanged glances and spoke a bit on a few occasions . In conversation , I did let her know that she was attractive! Turns out that she worked with the hosts and was invited over for the first time.

Most of the party animals had left , those that where there we're already heading to their bedrooms. I didn't have one so I decided to use the couch. I made my way to the bathroom . It was down a long passage. I walked towards it and as I opened it , a bedroom door on the opposite side opened. It was Miss heels, we both were a tad bit stunned. She was now changed into a sleep shirt so I got a glance of those sexy legs of hers ! She wanted to use the bathroom as well so I told her ladies first . I also sed u may want to lock the door cos I'm so attracted , I might follow her in . With a naughty smile , she took my hand and led me in after her. We didn't even close the door and we were at it . The distinct smell of a perfume wanted me to eat her up whole. Fire burnt between our bodies that we thru everything off as we could ! I propped her against the door, I kissed her neck and felt her nipples against my bare chest. I reached down and grabbed her ass, I lifted her leg up and she placed it onto the bath tub. I felt her soft gentle hands tugging on my now throbbing cock. In our passion , I went down towards her breasts . I gently pulled her nipple between my lips and licked on it . Her breast were tasty. I ran my hand towards her pussy. She was hot , her body arched as I played with her clit. She pulled me up towards her and kissed me again , as we did , I let two of my fingers slide into her warm hole. I could feel her wanting me , her body sizzled with passion and fire . This was one sexy lady , her need made me needy! Then we felt a push on the door !!!!

I stood back and remained silent , Miss heels was shocked but voiced herself " sorry , I'm in here". A whisper returned " yes , I know that ! Just wanted to tell you that you guys should.... ( The person was speaking so softly that I couldn't hear). In a quick motion , Miss heels opened the door , pulled a woman in and closed the door again . To my surprise , it was a young lady. Miss heels roomy for the night! The two whispered between themselves and the door was then locked. Miss heels walked towards me , knelt down and began to suck on me . There I stood , gazing at her roomy while she blew me. Roomy was short and in a sleep shirt . Her breasts were shapely and I could see her hard pointy nipples through her sleep shirt. I was hard and Miss heels was working my cock that I want to come so I pulled her off. I picked her up and began to kiss her . I then turned her around towards the tub . I got her to place her foot onto the side of the tub and I entered her juicy pussy from behind . I went in gently and in slow sensual gyrations. She was tight and wet and her pussy started to relax . Soon her love hole swallowed the length of my cock.

As we fucked , I turned towards her roomy . She was leaning against the door and her hand was under her sleep shirt. I gestured to lift up so I could see. She took it off and dropped her undies down . She was sexy and two fingers went in and out of her pussy. This made me so hot ! I pulled Miss heels hair towards me . She came up and let her back against my chest. The depth and angle put pressure onto the base of my cock . I told her I'm gonna come. She got me out , turned around and knelt down before me . She bagan to suck on my cock hard and fast . Roomy was rubbing her clit vigorously, I could tell that she wanted to come. The motion of Miss Heels lips on my shaft and Roomy's gyrations made me cum hard and fast. My cum dripped down the chin of Miss heels onto her tits. She sucked me off until I was done . Both girls helped clean me up .

We had a shower and they went to bed. I went to the couch...