24 Sep 2018

Please bare with me as this is my first time writing.

It all started with a family braai in November a few years ago, my cousin and his sexy wife was also there. We were celebrating me and my brother in laws birtdays, and as per the invite was dop, chop and batging suits.

So a little more about the sext wife, she is 5ft3 brunette with hazel eyes , 36B full breasts with a tight ass. She was the toppic of discussion earlier the morning all the guys hoping shell be there and preferably in a bikini in the jacuzi.

We have always had a friendly relationship and i allways got a extra squeese when we hugged, so it was just my luck that we ended in the jacuzi later that evening, just the two of us. With the bubbles going and a kinky look in her eye she teased me with her toes rubbing up and down my swimming trousers. So with everyone around she got out smiling, leaving me with a raging hardon.

After that evening we started chatting sharing fantasies and she showing me her super hot body.

This went on for a few months as we stay quite far apart with the tention building to breaking point. We had to find release, so we aranged a meet when i was back in town one friday afternoon, but we had no were private to go, so we aranged that i will pick her up from a closeby shopping centre and we went "house huntinh". We got to a area were there was a lot of newly built houses and we acted like we were interested buiers. With no one around that time of a friday we had the house empty to ourselfes.

We got to a second floor room with a nice view started kissing soft at first tasting each other but then it went to a frenzy to get our clothes off. I took one of her perfect breast in my hot mouth and sucked deep on her nipple while massaging the other. I slipped my hand down feeling the moist between her soft lips. I then lifted her up hooking my arms under her knees, pushing her back against the cool wall, i lowered her down guiding my hard cock slowly into her awaiting lips. I wish there were proper words to describe that feeling as she was so tight thati could barely slip the head in. She gasped and dug her nails into my back, that action was repeated a few times as i slowly lowered her further down with my cock filling her to the brim. When my head touched her deep inside she let out a muffled scream and a shudder that i have never felt. I could barely muster a view slow thrusts when she shuddered again and i exploded deep inside her with herlips contracting around me. We stood there embraced for a few minutes abosrbing the amasing sensation. Kissed, cleaned up and i dropped her of.

That was the start of our long sex-y journey....

Hope you enjoyed this story.