Written by Tonguemansa

31 May 2013

Neither of them have had sex in a while so today is the day. They have

managed to free themselves from their respective responsibilities and

are checking into a hotel for the day.

He has asked her to arrive there first. She is to reach the room,

undress completely leaving only her high-heeled red shoes on. Then she

is to don her blindfold that they often use during their sexual

adventures and lie the bed waiting.

He very quietly arrives and arrives to find her as he requested except

that since she didn't hear him, she is playing with her nipples and

rubbing her clit. He says nothing but moves closer to see more

clearly. He leans inn and without warning licks out at her clit. She

lets out a startled cry but soon recognises the tongue so just enjoys

the sensation of it on her throbbing clit. Very doon his expert

technique and probing fingers in both her arse and cunt have her

screaming out in her first orgasm of the day!

When she relaxes he gets up and kisses her hello sensually but

lovingly. Then from his bag he removes the silk scarves and ties her

hand to the bed. He takes a pillow and places it under her bum so that

her arse and succulent pussy are lifted into the air and become more

accessable. Then he ties her feet to the bed as well. He remove a

large feather and the vibrator he has promised her as a gift from his

bag. The feather and ice have become a favourite of hers when she is

blindfolded. He takes a large ice cube from the ice bucket on the

table and rubs it over her entire body - lips, nipples, underside of

her magnificent tits, over her clit and even deep inside her hot wet

cunt. He alternates this with the feather and his mouth. She squirms

about against the confines of her bonds and as usual is soon begging

to be fucked. But they both know the dance so he just continues and

within minutes the game and his tongue and fingers have her again

screaming out in orgasm!

Then he reaches for the vibrator and before she has finished cumming,

he switches it on and in one thrust, pushes it deep into her spasming

pussy. The size and girth of it fill and stretch her cunt to the

limits as she moans and screams as he procedes to fuck her with it.

The sudden violation and thrusting vibrator in her pussy prolong her

orgasm for what seems like hours until she almost passes out from


When he realises she is spent, he switches off the vibrator but leaves

it inside her to the hilt. Then he lies next to her carressing her

very sensitive body slowly and sensually. Then while she relaxes and

recovers, he removes his clothes and stands stoking his cock as he

takes in the sight of her naked body spead-eagled on the bed in all

its glory.

Then he gets onto the bed and kneels over her so that his cock can

touch her pussy. He rubs the bulbous head between the lust-swollen

lips of her cunt coating it in the wetness of her orgasms. Then he

proceeds to rub her still sensitive clit with his cockhead. This he

does hard and vigorously which very soon makes her irgasm again. As

she cums he shoves his cock in and feels her pussy muscles spasm

around him. He withdraws and repositions himself so that his cock is

near her mouth. Knowing his thick cock is near, moves her head to get

it closer and flicks her tongue out to feel the smoothness of its

swollen head. He cannot take it much longer and knowing they don't

have a whole day for fun and fucking, quickly enters her mouth and

fucks it until just before he cums.

Again he lies next to her and kisses and caresses her as she comes

down off her high. Then when she has relaxed enough he again kneels

between her thighs and wets his cock in her pussy. Then he positions

the head and slowly enters the tight confines if her arse. She moans

softly - a mixture of a little pain and a great deal of pleasure. When

he is all the way in, he takes the vibrator and slowly and gently

slides it into her wet pussy. When she us totally filled in cunt and

arse he switches the vibrator on the sensation immediately has her

moaning and thrashing about beneath him. As he alternates shoving hus

cock in and out of her arse and the vibrator in and out of her arse,

she bucks wildly and screams in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm wracks

her body. When he feels her arse muscles stop spasming and milking his

cock he pulls it out with a plop. She knows now that is her cue.

He removes the vibrator and unties the scarves then lies down beside

her with his still erect cock sticking up in the air. She gets up and

straddles his body in her favourite reverse-cowgirl position. The

positions her pussy over his cock and pushes down burying it deep in

her cunt. As she luxuriates in the feeling of living flesh in her her

pussy, she finally removes her blindfold and begins to ride his

throbbing cock. She thrusts up and down rapidly and when she feels his

cock to thicken and stiffen as his orgasm aproaches, she quickly pulls

it out and repositions herself to take it into her hot mouth. As he

thrusts he fingers her cunt and she sucks his cock hard until he

shoots his hot wet load of creamy cum deep down her throat which

pushes her past the brink again and she cums again.

When they are both spent she collapses down next to him and as they

embrace and kiss they slip slowly into a satisfied slumber!