28 Oct 2015

About two years ago I was living in Randburg and shared a flat with a buddy (Dan) of mine. We did some crazy naughty stuff together - watched porn together, jerked off together and even visited a Swinger's Club a few times. One lazy Sunday afternoon I was chilling on the sofa, watching a movie on TV. Dan walked into the room holding his iPad tablet in his hand. He gave it to me and I saw an advert of a young couple wanting to meet for sex. The dude was slim with a massive dick and the girl was a hot blond. They also posted some naughty pics of her on the ad. I was interested and Dan replied to ad, suggesting that it will be us two guys joining them. They were fine with it. Soon we received a reply from the couple and arranged to meet that evening in a hotel room.

Dan and I hit the gym that afternoon to pump up some muscle and showered when we returned. We were just in time to leave for out appointment with the hot couple. Arriving at the hotel, the dude (Mike) received us and after doing some payments to the hotel we went to the room. Mike's girl (Shirley) was in the bathroom getting ready. Mike made himself comfortable on the bed in his jocks while Dave and I helped ourselves with some cold water standing on a tray. We did some small talk with Mike while we waited for Shirley.

The bathroom door opened and out stepped Shirley - A gorgeous blond dressed in super hot lingerie and high-heals. She had long slender legs, perfect ass, firm boobs and a sweet face. Her soft hair hanged down her back. Her eyes went wide when she saw Dan and I and a lustful smile danced on the corners of her lips as she watched our buff bodies that are about to burst through our tight shirts.

After a short introduction she joined Mike on the bed and Shirley asked us: 'So, what would you boys like?'

'Entertain us': answered Dan.

Mike and Shirley reached for each other and started to kiss passionately. Mike reached down with his hand into Shirley's panties and massaged her pussy. The sight gave me an instant hardon. After a moment of more lustful kissing, Shirley took off her bra and panties. She was now only dressed in sexy stockings and high-heals. Her breasts bounced out of the bra and her nipples was hard. She made Mike lay on his back and she removed his jocks. His dick was rock hard and throbbing. Dan and I watched in awe as her full lips wrapped around his cock and she started sucking and moaning with desire.

At the same time Dan and I removed our pants, wearing only our jocks. I could see Dan also had a huge erection under the material of his underpants. Mike (who was in total bliss at that stage) looked at me and said: 'Suck his cock.'


'Suck Dan's cock.'

At that moment I did not care. I was so fucking horny and being so comfortable with my buddy Dan I saw no harm of sucking his dick. I went down on my knees and freed Dan's monster from his underwear and wrapped my lips around it. I started sucking, moving my head and could taste Dan's pre-cum. 'Yeah, that's it. Fuck yeah.': groaned Mike.

While sucking on Dan's cock I turned my gaze to Mike and Shirley. She was looking at me while she sucked on Mike. It was almost as if we were having a competition to see who would cum first. Dan then pulled me to my feet, obviously out of breath, and whispered: 'Eat her pussy.' I approached Shirley from behind. I rubbed her gorgeous ass that's sticking into the air while she's on all fours over Mike. I thought I was in heaven. I licked her beautiful asshole while sliding two fingers into her wet, shaven pussy. I continued the action for a moment and then started licking her pussy from behind. I moved my two fingers in a circular potion over her asshole by using the lube of her pussy. She gasped in excitement.

After that she was on her knees on the floor with the three of us dudes standing around her. She took some lube from a bottle we brought with, and rubbed our cocks individually until we were all wet, slippery and extremely hard. 'Mmmm...that feels so good.': she moaned. She then started to suck our dicks; One cock in her mouth while jerking the other two. She made turns. It felt so damn good having my dick in her hot mouth. And what turned me on even more was the fact that just seconds ago Dan and Mike's dicks were in her mouth. I could not help myself and forced my cock into her mouth while she was sucking Dan. She had both our dick in her mouth and Mike joined in. She moaned with lust and we groaned with pleasure as her tongue licked our meat-sticks that were touching each other. Mike gave a loud groan and blew his load into Shirley's mouth. She continued sucking me and Dan. Mike's cum was dripping from our dicks. I had to pull away because I was about to cum too.

Shirley laid back down onto the bed and Dan went down on her, eating her pussy. We were both still extremely hard. Mike sat down on one of the chairs and smiled behind a glass of water while he enjoyed the show. Dan looked at me. 'Fuck her, bru': he said. 'I wanna see you fuck her.' Shirley got on all fours pointing that sexy ass to me. I moved in behind her. But I did not penetrate. I pushed my dick between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock over her clit. She reached down and pressed my dick even harder onto her clit while making motions with her hips. It was so hot. We both moaned and groaned with desire. She then lied back down on her back and she started to finger fuck herself with three fingers. I pushed three of my fingers in as well and we started to work her pussy. 6 fingers in her pussy! Wow! She breathed louder and started to shake. She gave a loud groan and I could feel her pussy tightening around my fingers. I pulled out and she squirted. A huge blast of pussy juice sprayed onto the bed. 'Oh my God!' laughed Dan. I never made a girl squirt before. It was amazing!

Shirley reached for a condom next to the bed and pulled it over my dick. She spread her legs and I teased her by rubbing the tip of my dick over her pussy. She was shaking with desire. She took my dick and pulled me into her. She felt sooooo damn good inside. She started to grind me hard while I was busy rubbing her clit with my thumb. 'That looks good.':said Mike. I spread her legs and started to bang her real hard. Shirley and I shared a look of lust as we fucked. 'Oh, fuck yeah!' I said in ecstasy. 'You like my pussy?' she said.

It was such an intimate moment. It was almost as if we were the only two people in the room. The thought drove me over the edge. 'I'm gonna cum.' I groaned. I pulled out and pulled the condom off. Shirley positioned her head under my dick. I was about to cum all over her face. I jerked my dick a few times and blasted a massive load of man juice all over Shirley's hot face. Her mouth was open, taking in drops of my white cum. Her expression was that of satisfaction and surprise. I don't think she expected a huge load like that.

I moved away and it was Dan's turn to fuck her. After grinding her to orgasm, Dan also pulled out and jerked his cock. He blew his load over Shirley's mouth. I watched in amazement as his jizz squirted across the bed.

After we all got cleaned up Shirley gave Dan and I a hug and kiss goodbye. She gave me a long french-kiss and I could taste our cum on her tongue.

Back home Dan went to bed but confessed the next morning that he jerked off about the night's experience. Indeed it was a night to remember. And both Dan and I jerked off many times as we remembered and fantasized about our evening with Mike and ever gorgeous Shirley.