16 Jan 2016

So, I work for a retail company in junior management based at their head office. Our CEO is quite an attractive guy in his early forties and very athletic. I've always been respectful and cordial towards him as he is very family orientated.

I was working late the one night which was unusual and he was also around, he came down looking for my director who had gone home, we chatted a bit and he invited me up to his office to chat a bit more. I told him to give me 5 min and I would be up. I hurriedly switched off my laptop and made my way upstairs. I got to his office and he was relaxing on his leather chair with his feet up on the table. We got around to chatting a bit and time flew, soon it was 8pm and the building was deserted.

He got up and opened his whisky cupboard and he poured us both a whisky shot, after a few he lightened up quite a bit and undid his top shirt buttons, I tried hard to conceal my hardness.

Our conversation soon became flirty and we were talking about sex which made me even harder. He narrated some of his incidents pre-marriage and I was totally blown away because he seemed so homely and reserved. The more he spoke the hornier I got and at a point he asked me if I was ok. I smiled and told him I was good..

He got off his chair and he came and stood behind me, he was so close that I could feel the heat off his body. He spoke to me in a low tone and as he spoke he moved closer to me. I was taken aback but I turned around and faced him, he had a sexy look on his face and a naughty smile. Smiling at me, he took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I slowly started to fondle him......