Written by bks_kinkycpl

07 Apr 2014

I thought that I had to tell this story, to show the people out there the rewards of actually turning up and not making excuses.

Myself and the mrs have a fantasy of me organising a group of guys that she has never met.

These guys will be used to gangbang her while she is blindfolded.

So I went ahead and set a date and time, and arranged with 7 guys to join us.

Unfortunately as per normal, when the time came, there was just some guys disappearing and not answering their phones. Others had lame excuses.

Only one guy actually arrived, and we decided to go and meet with this guy, no play intended.

While chatting to this gent, he mentioned that he always wanted to try dogging, even if just to watch a couple fucking. My mrs then said, why don't we head to Brakpan dam and give you your first watching experience.

We headed down there and he followed us. Upon arrival, we climbed out of the vehicle and moved to the back of the van, opened the tailgate and she lay down on the back. I pulled out my cock and let her start sucking me, and the gent in question also pulled out his cock and started to wank.

After a few minutes, I looked down at her and asked her if she would like some of him, to which she indicated by nodding her head, so I invited him over and she proceeded to devour his cock.

She then stood up, pulled down her underwear and lifted her skirt. She proceeded to stand over the tailgate(bending forward) and gave the two of us a perfect view of her gorgeous ass and pussy.

I slid my cock into her pussy and started to pound her from behind, all the while the gent was anxiously looking on with his cock in hand.

She turned her head and told me that he should put on a condom as she would like his cock inside her. This opportunity did not require a second invitation, as her words were scarcely cold when he was all condomed up and ready to go.

I pulled out and stepped aside to allow this gentlemen to step closer, he slowly slid his cock deep inside my wife's pussy and then started to pound her from behind, The sounds of her moaning was making me really horny.

I watched on as he fucked my wife from behind, faster and faster until he started moaning and eventually blew his load. He pulled away, and I stepped in to finish her off in the same manner.

What was planned as a great evening, started to turn horrible but was eventually saved by a gent that was real enough to arrive as he said he would.

Thanks, dude, for proving that there are still serious and decent swingers out there.