05 Feb 2018

So after weeks discussing a threesome we finally had a date in mind as the kids were away for the weekend. I placed an as on sh and receive device a few responses. One gent was easy on the eye and to chat to. I was in contact with him for the whole week. Eventually Friday arrived, my wife called me and asked if we were doing anything tonight knowing that the possibility of a mmf existed. By this time Dave as I would call him and I were at ease with chatting. As he is a manager we could not communicate as I wanted to confirm his presence for the evening. At about seven I took the kids to their granny. My wife immediately started preparing herself. Dave confirmed he is a definite and we should not worry.

At about nine Dave indicated he was on his way, knowing our area made it easy. I gave him directions an by 9.30 he was by us. I spoke to him finding out about himself . I also explained the DOS and don'ts. I checked up on the wife who was all ready. I took Dave to our candlelit room where my wife was wrapped in a white gown with Lacey lingerie. As we chatted Dave asked if he may touch Kim. We both agreed and instantly her gown opened revealing her breasts through the lace.Dave rubbed her body touching her crotch which led to a vocal response from Kim. Soon he had his mouth on her breasts teasing her and touching her now wet pussy. After about 10min he got undressed facing away from Kim. No sooner had he sat down, Kim took her hand and searched for his cock. Her first words being , oh my ..... You are big. Yes big he was and thick. Kim never had such a monster in her before and she couldn't wait stroking his monster to life. Now even more this massive organ was dripping. Kim not liking to waste immediately tried to take his cock in her mouth. Initially she struggled but managed only about 4/5 cm. He was hard as hell and Kim asked him to penetrate her. Dave new he was huge and starting licking Kim's pussy until she was wet and had her first orgasm. Once wet Dave got a condom on and slowly inserted his cock. The expression on Kim's face was priceless. As she told me,she could feel how her insides were being stretched. Dave slowly put in about 12cm and withdrew allowing Kim to adjust. Then gradually more and more of his cock disappeared in her tight pussy. Slowly he started moving while holding her legs by his shoulder. When he felt she was ready he started to ram his monster in her. She screamed of pleasure begging to be fucked harder until another orgasm. He then pulled her to the end of the bed and put a towel around her waist grabbing on each end. He was about to fuck her doggy style. As he slow moved forward he pulled the towel and Kim towards him. Soon enough he was burying most of his22cm cock inside her. The force of him moving forward and pulling Kim towards him with the towel led to screaming I never heard before. Begging she asked him not to stop until she came again. Dave was quite good at controlling himself and then asked how much Kim could take. I knew now that he was gonna shove all of his massive manhood into her. He put Kim on her side lifting one leg out of the way, and then a scream I thought would end the evening as Dave rammed his cock with meaning into her tight pussy. He pumped her for a few minutes until she grabbed him and did not want to let him go. This encouraging Dave led to screaming that made me shove my now hard dick in her mouth. Dave rammed her until she came again and then Dave was ready , pulled off the condom and shot a load on her tummy. I could not contain myself and came in her mouth. This session lasted about 2 and half hours. Needless to say Kim could not walk properly the next day complaining her insides were swollen. We have discussed getting Dave back sooner rather than later.