Written by Marc_0726

05 Dec 2012

Saturday nights are our home alone nights as the kids go to their ouma for the night leaving us the house. One saturday night my goes to shower and I lock up. After she has showered I go and shower she goes to the bedroom. I dry myself hang the towel up and go to the bedroom no clothes on as the house is ours. As I enter the bedroom I notice that all the candles are lit and the lights are off and there on the bed is my wife laying in a red negligee and thong. My cock starts to react at what I am seeing,she opens her legs and I see how the string is between her lips. I walk over to her and kiss her full her lips our tongues wrestle while my hand gently rubs over her pussy. The juices flow freely and the thong is wet. I bend over her and slide the thong off and what I see makes me even harder. I start to lick her pussy and she starts moaning. I stop and remove her top, her breasts fall free I cup them and start to suck and nibble all the while fingering her pussy that is by now so wet and overflowing with her juices. I lay flat across the bed my head hanging over the side she stradles my face and I start eating her pussy she bends over and starts to suck my cock. It is absoluty wonderfull she comes twice her juices flowing over my mouth. I get up and she goes onto her knees her beautiful bum in the air. I enter her pussy from behind and slowy begin to pound. While I pound her pussy I play with clit and tits. She starts to shake as she starts to cum. Her pussy walls grab my cock and squeeze and I cann't hold back and let rip while still pounding her pussy. We fall into a heap. Both shaking. We fell a sleep like only to wake up later to carry on. We love our saturday nights alone together.