Written by Littlewillie

21 Oct 2013

While at school I had a pen pal from Pietermaritzburg Natal. After school I carried on writing to her. While I was on the border she visited CT with her family. Upset that I had missed the opportunity to meet her I made arrangements to meet when I was back in SA. Well December 1989 I was finally back in SA and on the 23/12/89 I flew to Durban. She and her boyfriend he was a policeman picked me up at the airport.

We went to the caravan park at Hibberdene where her family were caravanning. There I met the family including her very sexy younger sister who had just finished matric the sisters friend.

We went back to Pmb for Christmas and new Year and were back at the caravan park by the 2/2/90. everyday was the same go to the beach mess around and back to the caravan. One evening we went out to the one pub in town and partied on returning to the caravan park we all decided to go for a swim in the parks pool. After a while my pen pal got out and she and her boyfriend went to bed. Leaving me, her sister and sisters friend in the pool. We missed around for awhile and chatted, when out of the blue the sister Tanya dared us to skinny dip I didn't hesitate and removed my shorts. She didn't believe me so her friend ducked underwater and confirmed that I had nothing on, this made me very horny. I told them that it was their turn and they removed their tops. I said noway that's not good enough I mean was naked and they were half naked. They said that if I wanted them to remove their bottoms I would have to do it myself. Needing no second invite I grabbed Cheryl her friend she was the closest and removed it in one go. We looked at each other being both naked grabbed Cheryl and stripped her of her bottom.

We had a good laugh the 3 of us. Cheryl brushed against my now rock hard dick and smiled she whispered in Tanya's ear and they turned towards me. They came and stood on both sides of me. Cheryl grabbed hold of my cock and started to play with it Tanya also as she kissed me full on the lips. My hands felt for their pussies and I started to finger them both. We moved to the steps where I sat down and Tanya went to work on my cock with her mouth. Cheryl sat on the side of the pool with her legs open what a sight I buried my face into her pussy and started to lick. Tanya had turned so that I could finger her. Cheryls legs closed over my ears as she came with a force. I lifted Tanya and moved her to her knees on the steps of the pool and entered her from behind. I fucked her hard and quick and came in her hot tight hole. I took my hard cock from her ( I was only 20 years then) and becond Cheryl over and told her to lay on the side of the pool and went down missionary position on her after a couple thrusts I told to climb on me cowboy style. I laid on my back and she slowly lowered her self onto my cock. Tanya mean time was busy fingering herself while watching us. Cheryl started riding me hard and fast, I called Tanya over and she squatted over my face so that I could eat her pussy. The next moment she came, I cummed in Cheryl and Cheryl cummed we collapsed in a heap. We climbed into the pool and washed off and went back to the caravan to find every one fast a sleep.

From that night it was heaven every night till I left.