Written by orangeswingza

07 Mar 2013

Having the week off, I awoke at 9am. Kids were off school on the last week of winter break. I decided I needed to see Karine. I called her. Her kids were in the day care center as she was working, doing her nursing home visits to her patients. She was glad to hear my voice and it didn't take much to convince her to go back to her place for 'lunch'.

I got there before she did, watched her drive in and get out of her car. She was dressed in white uniform, but her slight bulging pregnant belly was now unmistakeable. I got out and we walked to the door, she opened it, went in, I followed. She closed the door, turned the key and then as she turned around, I embraced her, left hand over her shoulder, right hand over the small of her back. Drawing her in, at the same time letting her feel my rapidly erecting member against her, I explored her mouth with mine, our tongues seeking the other. Then once satisfied, I said, "hello". She smiled and said hello.

I ushered her upstairs, to her bedroom and pushed her down into the bed. Dropping to my knees, I got between her legs and quickly helped her dispense with her clothing, then her silky underwear. Her body was beautiful. She still smelled great from her morning shower, doused in parfume! I enjoyed the feel of fleshy thighs, sucked that into my mouth, before covering her entire shaven crotch with an open mouth and French kissing hot, wet sexy fuck hole. Above, my hands were each filled with her breast, my fingers torturing her nipples. I soon began to taste her pussy as it's flow met my tongue. I probed her as deep as I could, and I knew I was when my jaw starts to ache! I had her thighs clamp my face and her hands once free, were now both holding the back of my head!

Karine soon orgasmed and thrashed her head while biting her lower lip. I simultaneously flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit, increasing the momentum and so pushed her into another intense orgasm, during which I took her clit into my mouth and pretend it was her left nipple, then her right one. To make it even more lusty, I occasionally probed her wet hot pussy with a 'rolled' tongue, literally sipping the fuck juice out her! I lay between her legs, head resting on her left thigh, occasionally lapping her labia and clit, occasionally French kissing her wet slit. I loved eating her, but now I needed to fuck this lusty pregnant 'bitch'.(I do say that in the nicest way possible). Rolling her over, raised by her knees, I stood up and slid like a hot knife through butter, accept I made her feel every vein, every ripple until I locked it into her cervix.

I held, let her enjoy the full, extended, exposed and lusty feel of another man's cock invading her sex. I reached around, and rubbed her clit slowly, then rapidly. As her body language soon suggested another orgasm, I began to fuck her. Long powerful strokes, measured, letting her feel it, all of it, without letting myself give in to what my aching balls desired. My hands held her hips, travelled her back, always keep her positioned, angled as I wanted. Rotating my hips, I used my tool like a honing device, widening her passage and giving her the best internal massage I could deliver. I'd sometimes bring her to the edge then hold, frustrate her, then fuck her hard and fast again, only to stop when she needed it most! Then I felt her hand reach below her legs and clutch my balls. Her touch, gentle squeeze and release had me increase the pace as my own urgency overtook her own. I felt the seed rise, went deep, pulled back on her hip and put my back into it, satisfied I was as deep as possible, I pumped her pussy full of semen, each wave a joyous release of my lust. It seemed to last and last before I was spent, before she stopped clutching my balls.

Pulling out of her pussy, the sound of escaping air from her vagina confirmed that I'd been deep, that I'd literally suffocated her sexy cunt and that I'd inseminated her exactly the way any man should his lover! Sinking down beside her, I held her, caressed her and spooned her, hands over her belly, her breasts, basking in the lust of our loins. Kissing her neck, her earlobes,her cheek and reaching for her clit, I stimulated her once more. I watched her face lust for the lust. I felt my own semen drivel out her pussy. The scent of our sex filled my nostrils. It made me hard and horny. Shifting and spreading her ass cheeks, I pressed my cock against her wrinkled butt. She gasped, moaned but made no attempt to resist. I insisted and the head went past her sphincter. My cock nice and wet, slipped through ring and soon I was balls deep up her ass. I fucked it slowly, very slowly. I'd already cum once, I made it last, using her ass for my own pleasure, more than hers. I'd made lover to her pussy with mouth and tongue, fucked it for our pleasure. Now I was fucking her purely for my own lusty needs.

Spooning another man's pregnant lass, cock in her ass and having her move her butt back and forth as a sign she enjoyed it back there, well it just made me give her more and more. I eventually needed to cum. I pulled out of her ass, inserted into her pussy and gave it hell until I got her to squeeze my balls, propelling semen up her pussy, blasting away inside her. I was so content fucking her yet, for a split second, I'd have loved it if she were shared but she wasn't. Perhaps I need to intrigue her or perhaps I should just keep her for myself. Right now, I just laid still, my cock twitching and ejaculating inside her pussy. Her moaning confirmed her sense of lust, satisfaction.

I eventually had to leave and so did she. We took a shower together. Drying off, she sat down, on seating next to the shower. I put my cock to her lip, she accepted, I got to have her mouth before leaving. I was tempted to fuck her mouth and throat but I let her suck me off. I feel like I 'own her'. Yet other times, I wonder if it's the other way around!