24 Mar 2017

So about 9 years ago my ex had a fantasy and this is how it went. I dressed in a mini skirt no panties very revealing shirt, low cut tits very open. We got into my car and we decided on Which two bars we would choose close to each other so we were not far apart. I dropped him at the first one, the idea was to see if I could pick up a guy at the other bar let him have his way no sex.. So I dropped him, went to the next bar ordered a drink and waited to see who was going to be the lucky guy.. First one did not seem to be right or second one.. Well the third guy was hunky tall and clean hands... That's important to me. So we chatted he bought me a few shooters.. We kissed in the bar and about a hour later I said I have to leave, will he walk me to the car.. We walked to my car and he pushed me up against the car, kissing me and feeling my tits, he put his hands under my shirt pinched my nipples. Lifted my shirt Down and first sucked one nipple then the next one and kissed me hard again.. So while he is kissing me, I take his hand and put it on my inner thigh just under my skirt, he stops looks at me, I grab his head kiss Jim hard as if that was the go ahead, I can feel his hard cock pressed against me.. I love the feeling and look of a hard cock in Jeans.. It's sooooo sexy.. So he takes his hand and slides it up to where he can feel I have no panties on.. He smiles and bends down to lift my skirt to my butt.. I am so wet by now my pussy is dripping.. He kisses my pussy, slides his tongue through my lips lapping up my juices...

He stands up kisses me so I can taste my juices on his lips.. He takes his finger and slides it through my pussy lips and puts his finger between our kiss, puts his hand back on my cunt and puts in a finger and starts fingering me.. Then playing with my clit.

He carries on till I cum with his mouth still kissing me stopping my screams. I thank him, kiss him good bye, fix my clothes get into my car and I leave..

Did not even know his name.

I go back to where my ex is at the other bar/club.

He asks me to tell him what I did and with who and he wants details about everything, he puts his hand up my skirt to feel my wetness and my cum and licks his finger, He is instantly hard.

We move into the club part and he takes a seat, and all I want is his cock.. He opens his jeans and pulls me on top of him.

I straddled him and I fucked him in the club with people watching and he has my tits out biting my nipples.. We both cum and I scream with the music..

Drank some more went home and he fucked me good