Written by redbruce

22 Jul 2014

Up to now, when I communicated with “Daan” and “Sune’”, it was always an sms from or to his phone. I did not have her number. So I was very pleasantly surprised one morning to receive a Whatsapp from an unrecognised number, with the message “Hi, this is Sune’. It’s Daan’s birthday tomorrow and I want to give him a nice surprise. Can you meet us tomorrow afternoon at …….. (their local pub) for drinks? And what about your friend who is wanting to meet us? Would he be able to join us?” She had obviously got my number off Daan’s phone without him knowing about it. I replied that I could be there, and would check with my friend.

Friend said he could make it, but had a time constraint as he had a commitment that evening, so he was keen to meet even earlier than she suggested. The arrangement was for us to get to the pub before them, be sitting drinking a beer when they came in, and feign our surprise at meeting them there. She would then take the lead, as it was her “party” for Daan, and we’d see what happened. But she did not give any indication of what she had planned further.

On the way to the pub next afternoon, I phoned my friend to check that he was also on his way. He said he was delayed and would be a bit late, but would definitely get there, as he was very keen to meet the couple. I arrived at the pub about 15 minutes before their planned arrival time, and saw their car in the carpark. So they were there already! I walked in (never been to that pub before) and had a look around from the entrance, and immediately saw them sitting at the bar talking to the couple next to them. I pretended I hadn’t seen them, found a small space to stand at the busy bar and squeezed in and ordered myself a beer, avoiding looking in their direction or in the mirror on the back wall of the pub.

Next minute Daan walked up and clapped me on the shoulder (he’d seen me in the mirror). “What are you doing here?” I told him I had a bit of time on my hands and had arranged to meet a friend here for a beer, but he seemed to be late. I said to Daan I thought he and Sune’ only came here on weekends. He said “No, today is my birthday, and Sune’ decided to treat me to a dop”, and so he had come home early from work, and here they were having a drink on the same day that I should happen to decide to come to the same pub. Nice coincidence! It seemed he genuinely did not suspect this was set up!

He suggested that we go sit and drink at a table together while I was waiting for my friend to arrive. I phoned my friend again, he said he would be there shortly. When he arrived and joined us at our table (a drink or maybe two later) I introduced them to each other, and explained that he, like me, was a naughty guy who also enjoyed watching other people, which was how we had met up in the first place. The conversation started off all nice and polite, but quickly got more and more sexy and risqué, and soon we were talking about pretty naughty stuff – with three members of the group having only just met each other! And Daan still suspected nothing! I did however tell him that this was the friend that was wanting to meet them, who I had previously told them about.

My friend and I were both very conscious of his need to leave pretty soon because of his other commitment. So I thought it would stick at being a meet-up in the pub, and that we might make an arrangement for another get-together at a later date. But my friend had other plans! He suggested that we leave the pub and go around to the nearby park and chat there. This seemed to be an okay suggestion to the couple, and so we ordered another round of beers and took them with us, got in our cars and drove around to the park.

By now it was getting quite dark, and also not very warm outside. We stood between two of the cars in a close circle with beers in hand, continuing our naughty conversation, my friend and I standing on either side of Sune’. I said provocatively to my friend, “Of course, you know that this is the lady that I told you about who has those lovely big areolas?” He said “Wat se goed?”, and with that she sexily pulled down her boob-tube (she was wearing a jacket, but had left it unbuttoned, and under the jacket wore a top with a low-cut V neck, and this black boob-tube), and said “Hierdie goed!”, tracing a finger around the outline on her exposed left boob. Of course, with the cold temperature, her nipple was really standing to attention! And that was the start of it! I put down my beer, apologising for my cold hands, and pulled down the boob-tube on the right side as well, and started to suck on that wonderful nipple, and looked over to see my friend doing the same on his side. Daan just stood there and said “Wow! I like this!” Sune’ said to him “I’m glad, because this is your birthday present!”

My friend unzipped his pants and took out his dick, and Sune’ immediately took him in hand and started wanking him. I followed suit and got mine out, and she was standing there wanking us both. Next thing she got down on her haunches and started to give him one of her super BJs for a short while, and then it was my turn too.

Knowing he was rapidly running out of time, my friend got a bit “voor op die wa” and undid the button and zipper on her pants, moved around behind her and dropped her pants a bit, and started trying to rub himself against her pussy while she was bent over with my dick in her mouth. She was not happy with how “forward” he was, and quickly put a stop to this, standing up and fastening her pants again. He apologised profusely, a bit embarrassed, and said he had better be leaving otherwise he was going to be very late for his appointment, and would leave us to continue on our own. He hoped to see us all again soon.

When he had driven off, Daan came and stood on the other side of Sune’, and for a while she played with us both, alternately sucking and wanking us while we played with her exposed boobs. Daan soon suggested that we rather go over to their place where it would be warmer, rather than standing out here in the cold, which we all thought was a great idea. We all put everything away and zipped up, and drove to their nearby home.

Once inside we helped ourselves to another drink, and moved through to their enclosed patio, still warm from the afternoon sun. She and I sat down on the couch, while he got himself a camping chair, opened it up and set it down opposite the couch. He said “It’s my birthday. I want to watch!” Sune’ and I kissed and cuddled for a bit, and then progressively shed items of clothing as things heated up. Daan sat, beer in hand, watching us, and making some very appreciative noises. Eventually she was naked, sitting on my lap and riding me in reverse cowboy style, with her legs splayed so that he had a great view of the action. He then decided that he wanted to join in, took out his dick and stood close to her so she could suck him while rocking on my dick.

She got off my lap, turned around and got on all fours between my knees on a cushion on the floor, and took me back into her mouth. Daan dropped his tracksuit pants, knelt behind her, and entered her sopping wet pussy. As he pomped her from behind, her mouth did wonderful things to my dick, and soon I was warning her that I was close to cumming. She paid no attention, and just kept on the fantastic soft rhythmic action, one hand holding the base of my dick so she could control the depth of movement. I had no option but to cum in her mouth.

She didn’t swallow, but let the cum dribble back out of her mouth onto my groin, as I lay back in bliss. Daan decided not to go all the way, wanting to keep himself for later after they had gone out for a bite to eat, so he pulled out. And that was the end of the “birthday party”!

Sune’ explained to us that her idea had been to “give him a real surprise” with the opportunity for him to watch her bonking both me and my friend (a guy they had not yet met when she came up with the idea of the “surprise”!). My friend arriving late, and having to leave early, meant that she didn’t get much opportunity to get to know him, before he got a bit too frisky too quickly for her liking. Had he been able to stick around like me, he too would have been a bigger part of Daan’s birthday surprise. (They did like him, however, and they have subsequently been in contact, and his chances look pretty good for more “action” in due course!)

Daan reckoned that this was one of the best birthday presents he had ever received, just loving the way that Sune’ had genuinely “surprised” him with her skelm plans. And I drove home thinking that it might as well have been my birthday too, because I had most certainly enjoyed the truly wonderful “party” she has arranged!