Written by Banxxx

27 May 2015

So... I received and inbox from a couple on this site looking for someone to assist them with full filling wifey's fantasy. being the helpful guy I am, I gladly obliged and asked for the brief. After about 3 days of discussions a date and stage was finally set... much to my excitement, this was my first role play :)

Wifey was looking for escort role play. .. interracial escort role play to be exact. After hubby and I had banged out all the details we agreed to meet up on Friday night at a local hotel. Wifey was not aware that the stage was set and that I was acting as a client looking for company... I touched base with hubby one last time on Friday morning to confirm; and subsequently met up with him just before I went to the hotel room to meet wifey. After a face to face meet and chat, I proceeded on set...

As I knocked on the door... A gorgeous brunette met me at the door dressed in a sexy black number. We greeted and introduced ourselves and immediately got down to business... being inexperienced with escorts, I had to put up some very convincing acting to ensure her fantasy is a reality... After the introduction, being the gentleman that I am I took a deep breath a dived straight into eating that wet pussy... I licked it, I sucked it, I slurped it and utterly enjoyed it, couldn't help but hear her moan with pleasure... she also returned the favour by sucking on my hard cock, I must add this is probably the best head I have ever received... We then got straight into the thick of things... We pleasured each other in all possible ways... about an hour and half of straight non stop fucking and 3 full filling rounds later we found ourselves laying on the bed out of breath.

I then got dressed and left a tip for her on the hotel room counter for being a good girl and left.

I'm very happy to have received a message from hubby about how much enjoyment and satisfaction wifey had and told him the feeling was mutual... then hubby told me that it was wifey's first time with a black man and that it was one of her most enjoyable evenings she has had. I am glad that I could be of help to make her fantasy not only a reality but a memorable one too...

Looking forward to more role play sessions with my new friends...