24 Mar 2016

We have been talking about swinging for a few months, not much happened met a couple or two did the naughty chats but nothing more. One date night we got extremely horny as usual and the wife convinced me that its time!! We have been chatting to a dude not far from us and send a whatsapp.

He said yes and is on his way.

We decide that its a good idea tp clean up quick go home take a shower and a quickie of course, all dressed up and ready to get fucked.

We wait at the rendezvous point and we're nervous shaking he shows up and the wife is very uneasy I ask if she wants to call it off and she says no gives him a kiss and tell me "we have do it sooner or later" nowhere to go we find a quiet place.

So this must be dogging? She removes her pants and starts kissing him seeing him touche her makes me so horny even more than earlier she goes down and starts sucking his dick I took my pants of a while back stroking myself, I lift her ass up and my oh my is she wet. Dripping soaking wet! While I'm thrusting I can hear her sucking him hard he asks me if he can get behind her? I take a seat and she bends over me licking all her juices off of me. He is fucking my wife hard the harder he fucks the harder she sucks. Only stopping to enjoy an orgasm we changed positions a few times ending with me shooting my cum all over her back and his car seats.

We said our good byes never to speak again. Will tell you about another adventure soon.