Written by redbruce

10 May 2018

A single male (who we did not know at the time, but got to know quite well afterwards) placed a dogging advert (fortunately not anonymously!) on SH. He and his girlfriend would be going dogging at Rietvlei Nature Reserve. They wanted to be watched (that was all), and interested parties could contact him for further details of where exactly and when they would be there. Of course I contacted him, and expressed my keenness to join them. He told me which of the hides they would be going to, and when they would be there, and we exchanged vehicle details so that we could identify each other.

I then wondered whether my new girlfriend Sue would be interested… she had never been dogging before, and had told me previously that she had never actually seen anyone else having sex before. She had been watched having sex before (that was, after all, how I had met her, when I was invited to watch her with another guy), and we’d also meanwhile had a threesome with a male friend of mine (where he watched us, and I watched her with him), but she had never watched another couple doing it, whether out in the open or anywhere else. Obviously she knew about my interest in dogging, and my fascination with watching others, but had never directly said she would like to join me.

So I asked – was she keen to join me for this outing (which looked like it was definitely going to happen, not be just another wild goose chase), and was she perhaps available (it was, after all, going to be on a weekday morning)? She admitted that she was definitely curious and would love to attend, and could arrange to get off work and be available on that day. I then let the single male (let’s call him Des – but all names have been changed to protect identities!) know that she would be joining me, and he sounded very happy with that arrangement.

On the day of the outing, I left a bit earlier, and went via her neck of the woods, in order to pick her up. All the way there, I wondered just how comfortable and how daring she would be… how she would dress for the occasion (would she wear a skirt?, for instance), and what she would be prepared to do once there. We would need to discuss this on our way there, so that she wasn’t going in totally “blind” as to what might happen there!

We met up in the parking of her local mall, where we left her car. As she alighted from her car I was delighted to see that she was wearing a dress – not just a dress, but one that buttoned all the way down the front! And as she got in my car I could see flashes of red underwear though the gaps between buttons! So, no nerdy petticoats in evidence there!

On our way to Rietvlei we discussed what was likely to happen. Des had been adamant in his advert that as a couple they would not tolerate anything other than being watched. No-one was to try to touch them or join in in any way – we would be there only to watch them. So we agreed that, given that this was Sue’s first time out dogging, we would only watch. We weren’t going to get too adventurous, and definitely no-one else was allowed to touch her…

We arrived at Rietvlei a few minutes late, paid our entrance fee and drove through to the designated birdhide – the Fern Fountain hide (the one with the “fairy grotto” leading off from it). In the parking area outside the fence I identified Des’ car, and there were two others! The gate squeaks a bit as you open it against the spring, and as we walked hand in hand down the paved pathway I saw a guy half hidden behind a bush off to the left of the path before he disappeared again, and we heard the unmistakeable sound of a woman’s voice, a bit of giggling, and a deeper male voice responding.

As we got closer, we could see there was a path off to the left, to where a table and bench had been screened from the entrance by a leafy tree. A small group of people were gathered there. We turned in to approach them, assuming it was the people we were due to meet with. I called out – “is that you, Des?”, and he replied saying that they figured it must be us, from my vehicle description and the fact that we were a couple. The guy I had noticed earlier had been checking us out for Des on our arrival.

There were four of them – Des’ girlfriend, wearing a short but loose black skirt, was seated on the table, facing away from us, her legs dangling over the edge of the table. Des, with a great big grin on his face, wearing a T shirt and rugby shorts, was standing pressed up against her knees, facing us. The two single males were standing a couple of metres away, and also separated by a few metres, both dressed as if they should be at work (which incidentally they had left in order to be there).

We all introduced ourselves. I don’t recall the other guys’ names, but Des’ girlfriend was June. As June half turned towards us, I noticed that her blouse was unbuttoned, no bra evident, her heavy boobs hanging free.

Des was keen to get back on with what our arrival had obviously interrupted! He pushed his shorts down, and guided June’s hand to his dick, which had lost a bit of hardness. She wanked him a bit, while he pushed her blouse open and played with her boobs, teasing the large nipples, then cupping and lifting her boobs, kneading them between his fingers.

As soon as Des was fully hard again, June lay back on the table, and raised her legs, knees spread. Her short skirt fell back onto her stomach, and her blouse fell open, leaving her breasts exposed to our gaze. Des pushed into her, she wiggled into a more comfortable position on the edge of the table, and soon Des got into a good rhythm, pounding nicely as June moaned and squealed in delight.

Sue and I edged closer to the table for a better view, until we were no more than a metre from them. We were standing at a bit of an angle, but behind June’s head, Des facing us as he pounded into her. The other guys were a bit further away, and more at right angles to the action on the table, off to our right. Both of them took their dicks out, and were wanking as they watched.

Soon we heard the sound of another vehicle drawing in to the parking, and then the gate opening. Once again Des and June stopped and made as if nothing was going on, until the guy had approached, identified himself as someone Des was expecting, and joined the party. Des and June then resumed their fun, and the rest of us watched with enjoyment. The guys soon had their dicks out again, and carried on wanking.

The sight and sound of Des and June enjoying raw sex out in the open, with their small audience watching, was highly erotic! Initially Sue and I stood side by side, holding hands as we watched them. Then Sue edged around half behind me, still able to watch the action on the table, but pressing up against my right side. As she pushed up against me, our joined hands were close to her pussy, and she drew my hand back and pushed against it. She started it!! I pushed back a bit, and she rubbed her pussy against my hand through her dress.

I spread my hand, a couple of my fingers found a gap between two of her dress buttons, and I stroked the bare flesh of her inner thighs, then rubbing higher, seeking out her pussy. As I touched her through her panties, she groaned in my ear, rubbing herself hard against my fingers. I let go her hand, and using just one hand, all the time still watching Des and June fucking in front of us, I managed to undo one and then another of the buttons, enough to get my hand in and cup her pussy, probing for her slit with my middle finger, and finding a very wet panty gusset. Sue squirmed and moaned as I touched her, grinding herself against my hand. I undid another button or maybe two, and slid my hand down inside her panties, and was able to finger her very wet pussy.

Sue reached around, rubbing my cock through my pants, then unzipped me and took my cock out, and started wanking me off.

All this time we had been watching Des and June, Sue watching them over my shoulder. Then I became aware that the other three guys were not just watching Des and June, but were alternating, now also watching Sue and I.

Des stopped pounding, and suggested to June to change position. She sat up, got off the table and bent forwards over it, hands on the table, facing Sue and I, and Des pushed into her from behind. They fucked doggy style, and the slap of skin against skin was unmistakable, with her boobs now swinging free as they fucked.

And then, fortunately, above the noises we were making, we heard the sound of another vehicle pulling into the parking. We stopped what we were doing. Des pulled out, and pulled his shorts back up, hiding his dick. June stood up, her short skirt slid back into place enough to cover her nether regions, and she clasped her blouse closed in front of her and turned away from the path while she buttoned it up. Sue also turned away and buttoned up her dress, and us guys all managed to push our erect dicks back into our pants.

This time three guys came walking down the path towards the birdhide, two labourers carrying a long ladder between them, the other carrying a toolbox. They greeted us as they went past, then leaned the ladder up against the birdhide, and one guy climbed onto the roof while the other sorted out tools. They chatted a bit, then the supervisor walked back up past us after giving instructions, got back in his bakkie and drove off. The second guy took tools up the ladder onto the roof, and they then started working up there. It was evident they were going to be a while, and from the top of the roof they could look across at where we were standing. It was obviously time for us to move on somewhere else…

After a short discussion we agreed to go back to the Island View hide. We walked back up to the parking, got in our vehicles and set off, following Des. As we drove, Sue decided it was an opportune time to remove her bra! She unbuttoned the top half of her dress, with some difficulty shrugged her arms out, and then un-clipped and removed her bra. I was watching her do this, while also trying to keep my car on the narrow road! With my left hand I reached out and played with her freed boobs for a while. Then she got her arms back in the sleeves of her dress, and buttoned up again, just as we reached the Island View parking area, and stashed her bra in her handbag.

Fortunately there was nobody at that hide when we got there, so we walked down the (short) walkway and into the hide. Now what?... Des and June quickly walked over to the corner furthest from the entrance and with hardly any view over the water. June bent forward, looking out of the hide window, Des lifted her skirt, pushed down his shorts, and very soon was busy pounding her from behind again. Sue and I also headed for a corner away from the entrance, closest to Des and June, and sat down on the bench, but facing into the hide. The other guys stood where they could watch us, with one also keeping a lookout over the parking area in case anyone arrived (with the short walkway to this hide, there is not a lot of warning that people are approaching, unless you see them in the car park).

This time I unbuttoned most of Sue’s dress, so that her boobs were free and accessible (and on view), as well as the skirt section, and she opened the fly of my jeans and freed my cock. I sucked on her boobs, while she wanked me. My hands wandered to her pussy, where she was still wearing her red panties. After rubbing her a bit through her panties, we decided it would be a whole lot easier if they came off too, so she stood up and I helped her get them off. I fingered her pussy, while she gave me a super blowjob, with the two guys watching both of us couples playing.

Suddenly one of the guys called out to let us know people had arrived. He hadn’t been looking out properly, and the couple were starting to come down the walkway before he noticed them! We scrambled as before, and just managed to cover up before the young couple entered the hide, with me pushing Sue’s panties down the front of my pants to hide them from view. Sue and I managed to turn away and face the water just in time, Sue holding her dress closed and trying desperately to do up at least some of the buttons, unable to turn and greet the new arrivals until she was “decent” again.

I’m not sure if the young couple realised that there was something going on before they walked in (after all – seven of us in the hide, very few of us looking out at the view, and me the only one there with binoculars, and lots of embarrassed scrambling as they entered…). It must have seemed a bit odd! They greeted us briefly, had a quick look out at the “island” with its bare tree trunks covered in bird-shit, with a few cormorants and herons visible, and either decided that the view wasn’t worth it, or that there were already too many of us in there for comfort (who knows – maybe they were looking for their own “private space”?!), and turned round and walked out. The seven of us heaved sighs of relief, and giggled and chatted a bit as they were leaving. That was a close call!

And then it was back to the business we had come there for!... For Des and June, it was again really easy – he pushed his shorts down a bit, she wanked and then sucked him for a few minutes, then turned around, lifted her skirt and bent forward over the bench. Des pushed back in quickly, and they were back at it like bunny rabbits again. Sue and I turned back to face into the hide, unbuttoned and unzipped a bit, and soon were fingering and sucking again. Sue was very wet, had been very close before the young couple arrived, and it didn’t take long for me to get her to cum, noisily as she usually does! Des also came in June’s pussy with a loud grunt, and we’d lost count of how many times June had already cum that morning. Sue then concentrated on me, giving a wonderful deep throat blowjob, and soon I too had cum, in her mouth, with her swallowing it all, and licking me clean afterwards.

Sorry boys – that’s the show for today!! I don’t actually know if the other guys came while wanking, and didn’t really care! We’d come to watch Des and June, and that’s what we had been doing most of the time (when not concentrating on each other)!

We decided to go back to the restaurant for a late brunch together, to talk about the morning, and get to know each other a bit better. Sue replaced her panties, and buttoned her dress again (her bra was still in my car!). One of the guys needed to rush back to work, so he excused himself and dashed off after thanking both of us couples profusely. We left the hide and drove back towards the restaurant. In the car, on the way back, Sue decided that she better replace her bra, again requiring that she virtually undress in order to do so. I enjoyed the boob view again, on my own…

Over brunch we chatted about our various experiences, and how we had enjoyed the morning together. June was still braless, which was evident from time to time when her nipples were visible pressed against her blouse. She confirmed that she never wore underwear when going dogging, “as it just made life much easier”, a reminder to us that she was sitting there at the table pantyless as well! June and Sue sat opposite each other, chatting. June commented that she thought that Sue looked vaguely familiar, and Sue felt the same way about June. It turned out that they were both from the same home town, and had kids of the same age who had attended the same high school. They decided that it must have been from parents’ evenings or some school committee that they knew each other. They struck up a good friendship, which continued for some time afterwards.

During brunch, Des and June told us about other parts of Rietvlei where they had played, as they seemed to be quite regular visitors to the reserve. They also told us the area in the reserve where we were most likely to see cheetahs. After brunch we all again thanked Des and June, and separated, heading off in different directions in our vehicles, the guys going back to work while Des and June and Sue and I went on short game drives before departing.

As Sue and I rounded a corner on one of the more remote gravel roads, looking for the cheetahs, we spied Des’ car stopped some distance away. Through my binocs I could see that Des was out of the car, standing at the open front passenger door, close up against the car, his lower body unfortunately screened by the door. He kept looking around, particularly in our direction being the only other vehicle present. Sue and I drove closer, hoping to watch a bit more dogging, but as we drew near Des adjusted his shorts, closed the door and moved around the vehicle and back to the drivers’ seat. When we drew up next to them and asked “is there a problem we can help you with?”, Des again had a big grin on his face, and confirmed that June had in fact been giving him another blow job! They were aware it was us approaching, but he had cum meanwhile and they decided it was anyway time to go.

Sue and I met with Des and June a couple of times after that, once for a braai and afternoon of soft swinging at Des’ bachelor pad, enjoying a lovely few hours on his big bed, and again for an afternoon dogging session at President Park with a few other guys in attendance, watching us. After that, Des and June separated, and our joint fun regrettably came to an end. Sue and June still met up a few times for drinks and girl-chats, but then June moved overseas and our contact unfortunately ceased.

I was so impressed with and pleased by Sue’s response to the dogging experience at Rietvlei that day! This was her very first exposure to dogging, and we had gone there having agreed that we would do nothing more than watch and enjoy the experience. But she had become quite aroused by the whole scene – the couple fucking so close to us and the guys standing around wanking – that she too had wanted sexual release, and SHE had then initiated our activity. And she then also enjoyed the experience of being watched by the guys and the other couple as we played, happy to eventually be virtually naked in their presence, and not minding that they knew how much she was enjoying herself. And that has now set the scene for numerous subsequent dogging sessions of our own!...