Written by ANON

26 Mar 2013

So it was a about 3 weeks back when I met Lucinda on the side of the road

When her car broke down.My boss came up to me last fri and told me I need

To to Witbank on monday and tuesday to fit saftey systems on 20 machines.

First thing I did was phone Lucinda to tell her I'm coming to Witbank.She was

Excited.We made plans and monday couldn't come quick enough.Monday finally

Came and by 4am I was already on the road.I arrived onsite at 5:30am.Signed

In,did the whole shebang.I started working at 7am.By one I did 9machines.By

Four I did 15.I packed up and went to Lucinda.She arranged for her kid to stay

Over at ouma,so we are alone.I bought some wine and beers and set off to

Lucinda's house.When I arrived at Lucinda's house she was waiting at the gate

For me.I pulled in.Little did I know,Her mom stays in the flat behind the house.

And I could see the resembalence straight away.We all had a few drink together

Then her mom left,Lucinda grabed me and dragged me to the bedroom.She

Pulled my pants down,dropped to her knees and swallowed my half erect cock.

I grabed her head and start to fuck her face slowly.I had enough and pulled out

Her mouth.I picked her up,pulled her tiny summers dress off.Pushed her on the bed

And began licking her pussy lips.MMMMMmm,those long lips tastes good when they

Wet.I sucked and licked till she had three orgasms.I got up and got into position in between

Her legs.I pulled her back and guided my dick in.This time I had no mercy and forced it

Into her wet slit till I was completely burried in her.She gasped,I forced her legs onto her chest.

She tried to keep me from going to deep by placing her hands on my upperlegs.

I just kept moving and going for it,slowly in as deep as I can.She went into a trance.

She eventulaly accepted my dick deep in her and told me to

Fuck her hard.I did as I was told.She moaned and tried to move but I pinned

Her down.I felt a familier feeling in my sack and told her I was close.She

Begged me to carry on as she was close too.I came deep inside her and felt

My knees is weak.But I carried on till she came,after which felt like an eternaty.

I had another beer,she started sucking on me till I was hard again.She mounted

Me and grinded me hard and deep.Her hand went down and she played

With her clit while grinding and bouncing on me.She came again and laid on

My chest.I rolled her over and did her missionary style.The sound her wet

Pussy made as I slid in and out was to much for me.I pulled out and shot my

Load over stomach and chest.We cleaned up and had supper.I decided to

Spend the night as I was to be back in the morning.We had sex a few more times

That night.The next morning I went to work.Had a few red bulls and fastfowards.

I finished round two and thought I will have a last quickie before I go.When I got

To her house,she had a friend over to help her pack.DAMM!!!! I thought!! We sat

In the lounge,Lucinda next to me.After a while the conversation turned to sex.

Then Lucinda asked me if I ever saw two woman playing together.I nearly drowned

In a sip of beer.After calming down,I had a woman on either side of me.I sat in the

Middle.I felt two hands rubbing over my dick,which was rock hard and

Precum oozing out.Lucinda said. We must go to the room.The two girls

Undressed eachother and got into a 69.FUCK me!! I couldn't believe

What's happening to me.Megan told me

She wants to taste my dick in her mouth.

Now,Megan is petite.Me,my dick is medium.She licked all the precum up

And started to swallow my dick.I could feel her theeth scraping my shaft

As she swallowed.I thought-if her mouth is so tight,how tight would her pussy

Be?? And with that I shot my load down her throat without warning.Megan

Swallowed everything.I had a smoke and the girls tried to revive my hardon.

I just couldn't.We got dressed and I left.On the way back I phoned Lucinda.

We decided that she will move in with me and that Megan would visit us as

Much as possible.I got a erection and wanted to turn around to have a taste

Of Megan!!! But,my time will come as I have met a great woman!!!!