Written by ANON

22 Mar 2013

I work in field service.About a week ago I was on my way back to

Jhb after a job I did in Witbank.I wasn't in the mood to go back

To work,so I drove slowly back.In the distance I saw the car infront

Of me pull over.A lady got out and opend the bonnet.I stopped and

Offerd to help.As I looked into the engine I noticed the fanbelt broke.

I asked her if there's somebody that can come tow her or bring her a

Fanbelt.She claimed she had no money and that she was on her way

To Jhb for a interview as she is recently divorced.I offered to tow her to

Benoni to spares shop and buy her a belt as she would be stuck without

It.She accepted.When we got to the spares shop I bought and fitted the belt

There.When I was done she asked for my number to repay me oneday.

I declined the payment.She asked if she could do anything for me then??

I joked and said a blowjob would be nice.She said ok,and asked where we

Could go.I told her I was only joking.She told me she fantasised about me

The whole way as I have sexy blue eyes and that she didn't had sex for 8 months

Since she's been divorced.I agreed and took her to a guest house.I booked

A room.when we got inside she imediatly took my pants off.I was hard as a rock

Allready.She pushed me onto the bed and took her top off,then her bra slowly

Revealing to beuatifull breasts with perfect nipples.she slid her pants off

And went down on my ahcing rock hard pullsing dick.She started sucking slowly

On half of my shaft.I couldn't take it anymore and pushed her head down.She gagged

When my balls hit her chin and kept it in her mouth sucking hard.I pulled her off.

Telling her I'm close to come.I rolled her on her back and proceeded to suck on her

Small nipples.she ran her hands through my hair and moaned.I had enough and

Went down to the promissed land.I took her g-srting off and saw the sexiest pussy

Lips,long and clean shaven.After my mouth had its way with her luciuos pussy I got

Up and was ready to fuck her.Then my phone rang,its my boss.Mood killer!!!!! I ran

To the bathroom and opend a tap.He wanted to know how far I am with the job I

Was doing.Told him I'm on my way,just at a garage.Went back to the woman and she

Told me to lay down.She mounted me and guided my dick between those lips.

She started to sit on it and take in slowly.Once she took everything in I felt a warm

Sensation,she had a orgasm.She sat like that for a minute then she put her hands

On my legs and started to ride me like I'm a rodeo bull.I felt the sperm in my dick

Wanted out,so I told her I'm close.She ignored me and carried on.I came deep in

Her with a loud cry.She just carried on and came soon after me.She fell down on my

Chest till she got her breath back.My dick went limp inside her and slipped out.

She rolled off me,I lit a smoke and we chatted for a while.I started to play with her

And suck on her nipples.She pulled me ontop of her and she guided me in.I fucked

Her hard as I spread her legs with my legs.After a while I got off her and told her

I want to take her doggy style.She got in position and I slipped back into her and

Really went for it.She had her hand on her clit while I was fucking her.She started to

Push harder back onto me and with a moan she started to orgasm.She was shaking.

I didn't stop,just carried on fucking her.She shoved her face into a pillow and moaned.

Her moans made me fuck her harder and faster.I felt the sperm building up again.

With one last deep hard stroke I shot into her.I felt the sperm running out her as I got

My breath back with my dick still in her.I pulled out and a long string of cum followed.

I went to clean up.When I was finished I got dressed,kissed her goodbye and left her there.

She phoned me the next day to tell me she got the job and if she could "thank" me again.

Unfortuanly I was in Britz.But we agreed to meet several more times once she moves to Jhb.

Can't wait for her to move.