Written by NoRomantic

16 May 2013

23 April

my long term paymate is in CT, but not into swinging etc. So I tell him I'm meeting a playmate at lunch and he says he wants to watch!

So...both come to my place...and my friend sits at the counter like a schoolboy watching my other friend licking me and fingering me etc. Eventually he comes into the room and sits on the side of the bed with his hands together in his lap, watching me being licked until I cum, his fingers vigorously stimulating my gspot til my back arches, him just smiling when I look at him.

I sit over my playmates face and ride his tongue, we do 69, I suck his cock...I ask my other friend several times if he wants to join but he too shy. So he just watches. My playmate fucks me doggy while other friend once again sits at counter and watches us.

So he leaves and I ask my friend if he now wants to fuck, which of course he did. he was hard anyway. We didnt even get to sucking, he licked me and I came quite quick as I was sensitive already, I screamed so loudly, grabbing his head, and he came up, face wet and lust in his face and shoved his cock inside me so hard and within few minutes he couldnt hold out and came on me.

That night I also asked my husband to play with me, I am so insatiable. I played with myself while he showered so was soaking already when he got to me. he fingered me slowly, making it build up strongly and I screamed cumming on his hand.

To top it off I had a sexual dream as well, fucking a stranger, riding his cock so hard, him holding back his orgasm and I bounce on his cock holding on to something so I can come down on him hard....I woke up soaking wet again, quite sure the orgasm I felt in my fream happened for real between my legs.

Was a good day...and now I'm wet again