Written by Redrose_1

20 Sep 2014

You get home and fall down on the couch, exhausted from the days work .. 

I walk up to you and ask if you are really tired, you look up at me and I see the look on your face that says "Woman I have just said I am kaput", but as I walk towards you I see the twinkle in your eyes.

You give me a big smile as I go down on my knees in front of you and give me a big kiss, I feel your tongue probing softly, seductively, you kiss becomes more passionate, I feel the stirrings below. You let your hands move slowly down after having them on my shoulders for the kiss, opening my blouse, and kissing my breasts you pull my blouse off and undo my bra. It falls to the floor, You start kissing my nipples and biting them , it has a good effect on me. My hands move over your crotch, when i feel your hardness, you look down at me as I ask, is this for me, all of it you answer !

You stand up as I open your zipper and pull your pants down, and can see your cock straining as I lick my lips seductively. My hands slip your briefs off, I take your hard cock in my hand and pull on it slowly, there is already precum showing , you just know this is going to be good. I tell you to just enjoy the attention. I briefly let go of you as you tease my nipples making them hard and me moan from sheer pleasure. I lean forward and rub my boobs across your cock, spreading some of the precum on my nipples, you want to touch my boobs but i keep your hands from touching. you relax, you see me lick my lips again, and I move my mouth over your very hard, erect, pulsing cock, I slowly start licking at the underside of your cock, I know just where the sensitive part is, i suck and lick and your cock jumps up and down, everytime you feel the warmth of my tongue.

now my mouth goes over your engorged cock, working the head only, I slowly slip my other hand between your butt cheeks and slowly insert finger into your butt hole, you move yourself a bit enabling me to reach it easier, I feel your cock becoming more erect in my mouth as I begin to work your butt. My head starts moving faster over your cock, you start moaning deeply. Your hands on my head forcing me down further onto your cock, I start to gag and you release my head. I remove my finger from your butt.

I leave your cock and start licking the underside all the way to you butt, I hear you gasp from pleasure as I rim you. I start moaning with you, my pussy is dripping as I move back up to your cock, by now the precum is running down your cock head, down the shaft, I lick it up it tastes divine, you moan and tell me you are almost ready to shoot your load. I move down your shaft again, as I start moving faster and faster. I finger and probe in your butt, you look at me and i see you smiling as I slip my finger in, pushing gently, at first, but you start enjoying it as I move my finger in and out, working my magic on you, I feel you start to tense, your leg muscles start quivering, I look at your face wating to see the pure pleasure on your face as you climax, I feel you getting very close as I move my finger around touching your prostate, you become so excited you force me head further down onto your cock, tell me to suck harder, when I start gagging you just keep the pressure on. I feel my eyes begin to water. I remove my finger from your but and grab your bum, holding on as if my life depended on it. You release my head for a split second and then start fucking my mouth deep and hard, I can feel it pulsate in my throat, the feeling gets too much for me and i smack your butt to let you know. You release my head again but almost immediately you start fucking my mouth again. I feel the juices flowing out my pussy down my inner thighs and onto the floor. I hear you moaning loudly telling me you are about to cum. I suck harder and take you deeper into my mouth. I feel you shoot deep into my mouth, I swallow as fast as I can but I still feel it dribbling out the sides of my mouth, you continue to fuck my mouth as if you just don't want it to end. You just keep pumping into my mouth, forciing me to swallow faster. Your legs are weak and you hold my head firmly over your cock as you lower yourself onto the chair.