Written by NoRomantic

01 Jan 2014

It's the day before new years and I am working late and all alone at office. I can see the traffic pass by and I think of the previous night's fuck I had at a newly divorced old time swinger's apartment. I'm beginning to think swinging means everyone swinging likes hard, rough, vigorous rubbing of our poor sensitive clits and fucking our pussies raw, that swinging means it's all porn like fucking. I can still feel his work on me, my clit sensitive and nipples sore from his slight biting on them, worried if the hand marks are now red on my ass. All though, I do enjoy hard, deep fucking, the same doesnt apply to the rest of my body. I dread going home, but where do I go. I told my regular about my meeting and I miss fuckimg him seeing we dont have a venue now while our spouses are on holiday. So all we can do is talk about how we are going to fuck, tying me up, blindfolding me etc and it makes me horny. Looking at traffic I think of every motorist as a fuck buddy, coming into my work to fuck me..mmm..a gang bang maybe, and my finger slips into my wet pussy behind my desk. With an experienced finger i gently rub my sore clit with the flat side of my finger and my pussy juices makes my finger and my pussy feel like a slip 'n slide by now. I imagine the guy from last night fucking me like a porn star and my regular playing with me gently but pressure enoug as he always does. I cum with a loud moan behind my desk seeing I'm alone, more cum gushing passed my finger and soaking my panties up to my tummy. I go to bathroom to clean up and leave, tuning into attacking mode for what ever is waiting at home. Once home my over weight, no sex drive, uninterested husband has had his few new year's drinks already and I sigh wishing I was instead on the beach or at a club having a fuck fest with decent men and women all night. We argue as the night progresses, the tequila bottle comes out and I plead just once for him to stay decent, but I retire to the bedroom instead. I dont even close the door as I take myself back to my fantasies and take my pants off. I lie back and put two fingers inside me while rubbing my clit with the other hand. Again I think of known cocks and bodies I've had and come to enjoy, fucking myself as deep as I can not caring if my husband sees me. As my orgasm builds I hear a loud noise, banging, but I can't take my fingers out before the climax subsides. I go to front door, with just a long top, and find my husband bloodied and on ground where he tripped and fell. I just look at him as he crawls on all 4's, all I can mutter is "Happy fucken new year" and help him up. He showers while I wipe off the blood from the carpet and tiles, and he passes out on the bed, taking most of the space. I start hearing fire works outside, so it's nearing midnight I suppose. I open the back sliding door, it's all dark, everyone around me is out, the neighbours as well. The breeze catches my wet pussy lips under the top and my fingers play with my slit again, I walk outside on to veranda and am certain no one is around. I wished I could lie naked on the grass and everyone around would get turned on and join me and fuck me. I sit spread legs on the couch outside in the dark, one hand spreading my pussy and other hand rubbing my swollen clit slowly again in circular movements, my orgasm building up so big with the fantasies playing in my head. My cum gushes out my pussy wetting my fingers and the couch underneath me and as it subsides...ironically fireworks go off again on beach front and softly i mutter...."Happy fucken new year"