07 Sep 2016

Interesting story to share with you all – interesting because it’s all true and the first time that I have experienced this after trying to get into this for a long while now..

I was in Cape Town for a week about a month ago and decided to try out Liza’s Lounge . I had been there once before on a Thursday but it was late and quite dead with maybe 10-12 people there. Needless to say it was a non-event and after chatting to the barman for an hour or so, left.

I got there just before 9pm the second time…and I was one of three people there and thought that once again, it’s gonna be me and the barman!!.

Slowly more people started trickling in and there was a mix of single men, women and couples. It was clear who regulars were as some people seemed to be quite close friends. I suppose with regular attendance that’s going to happen.

I made small talk with a few people who I found quite friendly in stark contrast to my first visit. I even recognised someone from the first time who was quite a stunning 6 foot tall woman who was wearing crazy high heels that made her legs look phenomenal. We had a great chat for a while until she saw some people that she knew better and went off to dance.

At about this time a new couple came in – both quite young – late 20s early 30s. They went off to put their stuff in a locker and I resigned myself to a last drink and the drive home. At that point that couple came back and we struck up a conversation. We chatted for about an hour and a half on everything from tattoos –she had a lot of them- to cars, games, fake boobs and pretty much a weird and wonderful meandering collection of thoughts and topics.

We noticed after being deep in conversation for so long that there weren’t that many people left and decided to go take a look where people were. We went to the lockers and got undressed, I wrapped a towel around my waist, as did he, but she went on completely naked. We went to look around and there were very few people around. She was very cold so we walked into a few rooms until we found one with a heater. We all sat down on the bed and were chatting. He was rubbing his hands all over her in a very soft way. And I was sitting at the foot of the bed. They kissed a few times and at that point I said to them that in the interests of honesty and being direct, that this was my first time and that if they wanted me to leave that’s ok but I didn’t know the protocol. She said it was fine and that I was welcome to touch her if I wanted.

I started at her feet and basically worked my way up… she lay down and me and her partner both rubbed her all over. I was very careful where I went and left the breasts and pussy alone. Until she said that I was welcome to touch her boobs. I did so for a bit and then started licking her nipples. Someone else came into the room and stood behind us watching at this point. We were both at full steam licking and rubbing her all over. I moved to her neck and ears while he kissed her on the mouth. Then I realised that she was touching herself and getting very worked up. I rubbed my hand down her body and put my hand over hers. She moved her hand out of the way and I started stroking her. I rubbed her clean shaven lips and spread her apart. He kept licking her nipples. She started to come and I sped up and she reacted very quickly bucking her hips and moving against my hand. She couldn’t control it any longer and had a huge prolonged orgasm which I stroked her softly through.

Just as it subsided, I put my fingers inside her and started to stroke her g spot which immediately made her wet again. She reached down and rubbed her clit and I went harder inside her.

She must have come 5 or 6 times and was exhausted and once she calmed down she kissed me passionately on the lips and thanked me. At that point she said she needed a drink – as did I, and a smoke, so we left the room and went back to the bar before we got dressed and went our separate ways – but not before I got their numbers. I can’t wait to see if we can have another meeting.