Written by hubby

21 Apr 2016

first time writing, We an indian couple in our late thirties, sex has become the same old same old way weekly nothing new, i have tried talking to my wife about swinging of which she didnt like the idea and refused, i decided let me join this site as a single but married guy just browsing, 2 years down the line no luck with anything not even with the wife.

one night while my wife was in the shower, her phone kept beeping so i decide to have a look and its was one of her friends who was asking if they could meet this weekend i was amazed, the friday came and my wife asked me if i was going out of town for the weekend and i replied to her yes of which that was not true, Saturday morning i packed my bags as usual and told her i will see her Sunday evening. Jump in car as normal kissed her goodbye and drove arround the corner to see who was coming home when i was not there, Sure enough within an hour i spotted a car which pull into the complex and this was the first time ever seeing this car, after 30 minutes i drove to the gate and asked the guard to which unit was that car going to and his response was to my unit.Now i have butterflies in my tummy not knowing whats was going on, i drove into the complex parked my car where the wife could see and took a walk to my unit, when i got to my unit i notice the door was locked, i walk around quietly

without making a sound an found the sliding door was not locked,i took off my shoes and tipped toed inside to the second room where i could see straight into our bedroom my wife and i shared.

i could see my wife in a short night dress chatting to a guy and his hand on her leg, not long after they started to kiss and undress each other, totally naked my wife grabbed his cock and started to suck him slowly which by now turned me on, he then returned the favor by licking her smooth pussy, not long her after that he placed his dick on my wifes pussy and started to rub her up down and then entered her, fucking her is slow moments for about 15 minutes until her came in her,

while they laid in bed cuddling i tipped toed back out and went away to a friends house for the weekend, Sunday morning i woke up and decided to see if the same car comes by the complex again, sure enough after a while the same car was there, i decided to sms my wife and tell her i will be home early around 3, her reply was ok hunny,

when i got home that Sunday just after 3pm, my wife looked normal as if she was doing nothing the whole weekend but i knew she was fucking with another guy, that Sunday evening while we were in bed i started to play with her pussy which was soaking wet, i fucked her that night for an hour until we both fell asleep .

i never said a word to her about what i saw, the only info i have gather is that the guy is married. So when ever i am away i know my wife is getting her pussy eaten out which is a huge turn on for me.

sorry about the grammer, comments welcome

thank you for reading