03 May 2017

A while back I met this coloured chick at gym. Nice ripped body.

At first I didn't know she's married, but I later found out.

We used to flirt a lot in the gym and sometimes I would grind my dick against her while spotting her on the weights. She didn't mind.

I stayed close to the gym and one day she came over to my place and we chatted a bit, and I wanted to fuck her so bad.

I knew she wanted it because she didn't care about her husband or her daughter. Why else would she do this?

At one stage I sat down and took my cock out. She started sucking it so good. Her brown complexion against my white dick looked so good. I kept telling her "Oh, baby, that feels so good!"

We went into the room and she got undressed.

I put on a condom and she started riding me. She rode my cock for so hard, occasionally stopping to rest while I sucked on her tits. She wanted me to come but I had the stamina.

But I wanted her from behind.

She got off me and she lay on her stomach. I got on top of her and laid with my my dick between her legs.

Then she got on all 4's and I started fucking that brown pussy doggystyle so hard.

That brown ass had my dick so hard and I fucked her so good. The sound of my hips hitting her ass.

After a while I shot my load.

Then my roommate came home and almost caught us, but he knew what happened.

I've moved away since then, but my roommate still sees her at the gym sometimes.

Her husband also found out about this, and he confronted me over email. I just denied everything.

Besides, his wife came to my place, and that's something they need to sort out between themselves.