Written by Redrose_1

09 Feb 2014

You are laying on the floor, I lower my dripping pussy onto your face, your tongue probing inside me darting to every corner, I feel your tongue teasing my clit, I moan loudly as you hold me firmly. I begin to feel my cunt beginning to contract and know with in seconds I am going to gush juices all over you. With out warning I feel the warm juices shoot out from inside me, running down your face, into your mouth, and finally onto the carpet. You don't stop, you moan and groan as you lap up the juices. Your grip tightens on me as I feel another wave of ecstasy wash over me. You swear under your breath as I squirt into your mouth.

You stop, and help me to remove my clothes. You gently push me onto my back, you kneel down between my legs and pull me up onto your lap. You thrust your throbbing cock deep into my wet warm cunt. You fucking me deep and fast. Making me groan with each thrust. My hands cupping my breast, teasing my nipples, pulling and twisting them. You watch me playing with them. You always get excited when I do. Suddenly without warming you withdraw your cock from the warmth of my pussy. I try to keep you inside me not wanting you to stop when I feel you start rubbing your cock vigariously against my clit. I reach out and hold onto your thighs my nAils digging into you. I feel as if I am losing control, you stop rubbing just as a jet of warm fluids squirt out of me spraying against your chest. I look into your eyes and I see a man who is drugged with desire and lust.

You continue to rub your cock against my clit, I feel warm fluids flowing out of my body. You thrust your throbbing cock back into me, fucking me harder and deeper. We look into each others eyes not daring to look away, not wanting this moment to end. You slide my legs over your shoulders, I feel you thrusting so deep into me that it feels like your cock is rearranging my insides. Your hands holding my ankles and opening me as you fuck me, you part them even wider as I start to feel my nipples becoming erect and another wave of ecstacy wash over me. You continue to fuck me. I close my eyes as I meet you thrust for thrust, my nails digging onto your flesh as I feel a flood of fluids rush from my body. I feel the fluid splash against my face as you continue fucking me, your cock still buried deep in my wet pussy. You moan aloud and shout yes yes don't stop.

I feel every millimetre of you inside me and it excites me. You still holding my ankles and holding them wide apart, I feel my pussy muscles tighten around your shaft. She's contracting every few seconds and I see its having a effect on you. Your eyes are closeg, head thrown back as you continue pounding inside me. I hold myself back not wanting this moment to end. I enjoy feeling you deep inside me, stretching me as you pound into me. I sense this time its going to be a good squirt. I feel the build up beginning, my legs begin to tremble slightly, your eyes open you have also felt the changes happening. You slide my legs over your shoulders again, holding them firm against you. You one hand slides down my leg and starts to play with my clit, driving me insanley wild with desire, I beg you to stop as I feel I am losing any control over my cody that I had, you ignore my pleas. You continue, I feel as if you have taken control of my body, I am no longer able to control myself. You thrust deeper into me as your fingers rub my clit. I dig my nails into your thighs holding on for what its worth. I want to scream and shout but don't, I encourage you by telling you to fuck me harder and deeper, knowing it excies you when I use such language. You need no further encouragement. I feel you thrusting deep inside me, I start to lose cotrol, you are driving me insane. You know you have me under your control and use it to your advantage. I feel my pussy beginning to contract and know its a matter of seconds now. I lose cotrol and feel a jet of fluids squirt from inside me, it continues to come, you are still inside me and you have also lost control. I feel you thrust deeper into me and with each thrust my body produces another jet of fluids, it just has no end. You withdraw from inside me and it squirts against your chest. You lean forward and cover my pussy with your mouth, allowing me to squirt inside your mouth. You slide your fingers inside my wet pulsating pussy wanting more from me. Finally I just have nothing more to give you. You lick me clean and collapse next to me, kissing me, sharing the taste of juices still on your tongue. You hold me tight to you as we allow ourselves to calm down, our hearts pounding. You pull me up and take me to the shower. I feel the warm pulsating water gently massage my body as you soap me down, your hands caressing my body as you clean me, I relax myself up against you, you manouvre me to the door, dry me off and guide me to the bed, climb in beside me, cover us with a sheet and fall into a content sleep.