24 Sep 2015

Yesterday, wyfie was invited to Stephane's flat for one a long awaited romp with Stephane and Claudine. I was so busy at work, I couldn't get there on time so I was a bit late.

I found the apartment door unlocked as mutually agreed, when we have these meets, we just let ourselves in. No point interrupting a sensual oral or anal or pussy fuck. I could here moaning from wyfie and words of encouragement from Claudine.

I walked in and through to the main bedroom. A few duvets thrown down on the elegant parquet flooring, I found wyfie on her back. Stephane straddled her chest and his balls bounced off her chin. Eric was there, his cock deep into her pussy, her legs either side of his hips. Eric had Claudine's head held to wyfie's clit. They looked so at ease, so sexy, so sensual, I found myself watching in admiration as they got wyfie to orgasm. She bucked her hips and lifted her butt and pussy to drive it back towards Eric. Eric drove his cock forward and groaned, while Claudine flicked wyfie's clit with her tongue. Wyfie lost it and only Stephane's cock kept her from vocally expressing her sexual satisfaction.

Claudine noticed me, smiled at me. I stripped off and went down on the duvet. I knelt next to wyfie. She smiled when she saw me. She pulled Stephane's cock from her mouth, kissed me, then stuck his cock back into her mouth. I turned Claudine's head to my cock and let Stephane watch while I first let her suck, then I held her lower jaw and the back of her head. I asked her to keep her tongue out. I slowly went to work on her throat, honing it with my cock. As I got closer,wyfie reached between my legs and squeezed my balls. This expressed my semen straight to Claudine's gut, she didn't get a chance to taste it until I was spent. Then I drew it a bit back, out of her throat, just half way in. She nursed the rest, extracting whatever semen drivelled forth.

Stephane had swapped place with Eric. I watched them both enjoying their cocks inside of wyfie. Stephane's cock pistoned and was covered with white creamy fluid, no doubt the fruit of Eric's and wyfie's previous orgasm. Her legs rolled back, stephane stuck a pillow under her ass and fucked her till he unleashed his sperm inside her. My cock hard again, I slapped on some Ky jelly that was laying on the duvet. I turned Claudine onto her back next to wyfie, raised her legs and inched my cock up her asshole. Deep it, I rode Claudine's ass like our lives depended on it. God she was tight. I got a good rythm going. Eric hard in wyfie's mouth went down to Stephane. He took over fucking wyfie's pussy. Stephane went back up to her mouth.

Claudine rubbed her pussy and clit. She was hungry for cock. I was so horny watching Eric and Stephane inseminate wyfie, I blew my load up Claudine's asshole. I was in no hurry to pull out. I kept it in Claudine's asshole, moved up and suckled her nipples and bit into her breast. I had this need to perform an ass to mouth and thats what I did to Claudine. When she raised her head to meet my cock, I realised she was really begging for it. Once she'd helped me get hard again, I flipped her around and doggy fucked her pussy. I fucked through one orgasm, I couldn't bring myself to orgasm with her. I gave her a few lazy strokes during her orgasm. Then fucked her into the next one. Then I did cum with her, but not much ejaculate. I pulled out, turned her onto her back, re-inserted my cock and lay missionary over her. Caressing her and nuzzling her neck, my mouth found hers and I let her feel just how much I loved her and her body.

Wyfie now had both Stephane and Eric down between her legs, flicking her pussy with their tongues and tongue fucking her cum filled pussy. Her hands in ther hair, she was a woman lost. Claudine and I watched them pleasure her, While Claudine enjoyed my cock resting inside her pussy. Claudine kissed me, my mouth, my neck. Then she whispered in my ear, " they going to beat Jean this time!..."