Written by Candice

22 Aug 2018

We a close group of friends and we share more than most friends. We open with each other and talk about an entire host of things. Recently I was sipping my G&T when Janine commented on my hair colour and well I divulged that I colour my hair very often as I am grey and very grey at that. My husbands best friend Kyle commented and called me “grey bush”. Now knowing Kyle I know he is naughty as hell, and everyone knows he is. With Kyle if your a friend you get a nickname and it sticks. I really like Kyle always have he is hot but he knows it so the girls are lined up and trophies are taken, we had our moment many years ago. My hubby is hottie himself but doesn’t have kyles tendencies to flirt and stack trophies.

Needless to say the nickname stuck and I didn’t like it to much because although I have some hair downstairs it’s not grey and it’s kept trimmed and neat.

Fast forward a few weeks and the influence of Jenny at our gym I decided to get rid of all the hair downstairs. Saturday canes around and thankfully hot enough for a swim I was in my bikini as was Kyles new date for the weekend Lume’. Then Kyle called out to me asking if the salad was ready. At first I didn’t respond then Kyle hit me with Grey Bush!!! Instantly I responded. Once inside the kitchen Kyle came to check on the water outs of the salad and I was somewhat peeved still. He was like grey bush can I help with something (he is really a good cook as well). I hit back with well you wish you could see my bush because I am now “No bush”. Kyle got a huge smile on his face which he was trying to hide but could not. I had him!! I teased him a bit later on and asked if he still manscapes ? Later in the kitchen again getting a wine Kyle came in for a beer (the beers are always in the outside fridge). I asked him what’s up he said no nothing. I whispered in his ear I know what you want!!! He asked what’s that? You want to see “No bush!”

He just went a bit red and said you know too well. I said I was going to the bathroom perhaps he could join. No sooner had I gone into the bathroom in walks Kyle. I ask him what he wants ? He says come one show me! I drop my towel and my slowly pull my bikini bottoms down. Kyle is literally biting his fist and reaching out with his other hand. I turn around slowly as if I am modeling a none existent dress of sorts once I am 180 degrees I decide to bend over and spread my legs. He is touching my ass cheek a little but dare not go to my pussy. He comments that my pussy looks better than he could recal. He wants more but I am not prepared to go further without my hubbies consent. And so we end at Grey bush to No Bush