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my visit to Greece was just 1 ball of fun ..excuse the pun . the hotel had a nice sauna spa area for guests . i wasted no time to get there after our arrival . my partner was sickish with flue . so i popped in alone to the sauna . there all saunas are nude areas . not a prude me i stripped down grabbed to towels and went in . it was a 8 seater . with 4 people already inside . all come and go on their own times . i like to go in 3 times at intervals untill i workup a good sweat . at my 2nd session a couple enterred and sat near me . we greeted and i gathered they are from germany . she was lanky with some tatoos and nipple rings - which he also had . i could see they were flirting the whole time with delicate touching the naughty parts . we went out to rest and she took a shower next to me ..all open showers . she giggled as she flicked a finger through her pussy lips then licked her finger ..while watching my expression . well my cock decided to talk for me and jumped a jerk . that prompted her to have another flick and a lick . he fetched her to go inside a smaller sauna . she pointed at me to follow them . it was a small 4 seater . she sat on the top bench legs wide open . he was licking her as i enterred . she showed me to suck her tits i jumped up and did as she beckoned . he fingered her quick and fast and she shuddered to climax . he showed me to sit on the bottom bench and she climbed off to get on top of my hard cock . he sat on the top bench and she leaned over to suck his cock nearmy face . she was a roughy mercy spared for me . i tried to show im cumming and wanted it to last but she rode me faster till i blastedmylast drop deep in her wet cunt . she then bent doggy on the bench and he came down to fuck her hard from behind . she creamed again as he came into her . with a dripping pussy she lead us to the showers . we soaked off and went to rest on the deck chairs . the left me their hotel card to visit them a week later when they return there again . did we shag again ? wait and read later .....

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