Written by Dirk pitt

01 Nov 2017

At the start of online dating and meeting via cell chat, well I encountered a profile , which belonged to literally a greek goddess, unbeknown to me when we started chatting, she would wind me up , drive me to a point of swearing at each other but for some reason we were just attracted to each other in a weird but nice way. As much as we made each other angry we also understood each other completely, took her a month to agree to meet, and boy was I not disappointed at all , looks had never been discussed or even shared, so when we finally decided to meet up , it was a shock to my system, she had told me what she is wearing, we were to meet at a local pub, the moment she walked in , my mind undressed her caressed her and pleasured her , all that before she even said hello. We just clicked and her dark olive tan , the striking blue eyes , her golden long wavy hair, was just like the movies, a light aura surrounding her. Our first meet was exactly that , one to just see wach other face to face and we had decided just one drink and no commitment or anything .

Well to my relief she messaged me the same afternoon , she wants to meet again but this time I must pack a ln overnight bag , we going to go on a trip. Not far but a local bed n breakfast, a quaint bnb in the middle of the town we stay at , the river flowing througg the garden, quiet and yet close,

We met up , checked in early that next wednesday, she had inquired if the rooms have tv and dvd players in case we wanted to watch a movie or something ,

Well she had brought a few dvds with , not that I recall watching any , it was to be a day of sheer pleasure, she took the lead and undressed and only in her underwear lay on the bed, her body , a mother of two but still could easily be a model , her legs perfect tanned, her breasts , on the larger size but firm and even, her eyes a deep alluring blue, she was

Wearing a pair of beige french panties, and matching lace type bra, my hands touching her skin, soft yet firm, my lips kissed her, her body responsed to every touch and kiss, my hands sliding her pamties off , exposing her smooth shaved perfectly neat slit of her pussy, and if there was ever to be a beautifull pussy this was it, (perfectly even lips, perfectly lined , perfectly smooth) , she tasted so sweet, her juices were like tasting a good liquer, sweet yet making you drink with a frenzy to eat and taste more, her nipples were tight like jelly tots in the middle straight ahead, her body moved with each flick of my tongue, she was growing impatient, and with a bit of force , moved me to lay back , not expectingly she straddled me and her pussy now on my face as her mouth took my hard throbbing by now cock in. Gently at first , lovingly but a firm grip and a hard sucking action , I could feel her tongue swirl over my tip, trying not to lose concentration I did my best to keep my tongue in a rythmic motion over her now hard clit,

I could feel her nipples brushing over my body as she took my cock in deep, only feeling her deepthroat my shaft but not being able to see as my face was buried in her pussy, this must have been almost an hour or us pleasuring each other orally, when we took a break, both have a bit of champers to drink, a few stories shared , she mentioned how she was a lingerie model before she had kids and in fact her maiden name was greek, so my initial thoughts of greek goddess was spot on . We laughed shared stories as we were both going through divorce from our partners so we had to keep our fun times a secret till papers were signed , both of us that was,

After we had rested and had a bite to eat , besides eating each other , the nawty thoughts crept in , her smile said it all , I only needed that gorgeous smile and my cock went hard instantly, which she thought was fabulous, she grabbed the condoms and rolled one down over my cock , her hand grabbing my shaft, she mounted me , cowgirl , slowly at first but never going fast at all , was a satisfying pace, we both were extremely horny and knew how at any moment ant one of us could burst into a climax of note, her hips grinding perfectly, her body swaying and moving in a way I could feel how her pussy gripped my cock as she moved, we both were so close but both wanted to fck all day and not a,wam bam fuck you. This was not a race but a marathon, we had the room till midday tomrrow, both of us had booked off from our jobs till the daycafter next so there was no excuse not to fuck for a day.

We were prepared, we had mr delivery on speed dial, enough drinks, and en suitr bathroom so no need to leave the room,

This was so far the best afternoon of my life till then, she knnew my inner most wants, she knew exactly when to stop or wwhen to speed up , I couldnt believe it but she rode my cock for at least two hours , never changed positon never complained of cramps or being dry, her juices were always there , I could feel how slippery she was , we both knew that the condom wouldnt work, so that had left the after the first hour, we knew there no chamce of a ooepsie as she was on the pill, so now we could feel the skin touching skin, I could see her pussy lips gripping my shaftvas she lifted up , she rolled off and wanted a bit of missionary, dont laugh , it can be fun if done right and legs spread and the clit exposed to the rubbing, her hand touching my cock as I slid in and out, her soft moans her feint grasps of breath as I slid in deep, justvthe sight of the body made me want to go into a ramming pounding fuck frenzy , took all my self control to keep calm and not go wild, this was mwrely a start, we tried a few more positions from doggy , to standing to bending her over the end of the bed to pressed up against the shower wall when we took a shower to cool down,

We had been fucking so much I knew I would wake up with a raw cock in the morning , thats if I ever did get a chance to sleep, as at that rate we would still be pleasing each other till midday next day...

When I did cum the first time we were doing it doggy , she moaned and gripped my balls from under , forcing me to squirt my fuck juice deep inside her, I could feel my hot sticky cum as I exploded, she would have definately have felt that sudden rush of hot cum inside her, we showered and then startedcall over again from inside the shower, whem I cam the second time it was as she was giving the best blowjob a guy could asl for, she teased and told me she going to make me cum frim sucking my cock , and she delivered, she had to tie her her up so she could thrust up and down my cock and her nails dug deep into my butt as I climax inside her mouth, like a trooper she swallowed, every last drop and even polished my head with her tongue, my cock now a deep purple and red from the sucking and fucking , I had to now make her climax. Big time ,pulling all the stops my fingers tongue swiriling flicking blowing cool air over her clit , sucking till her clit is inbetween my teeth, when she climaxed it was like a sudden release of wrath by every greek god, I think even hercules would have been shit scared at the strength she gripped my head and forced my mouth hard onto her pussy, her juices glazing my face like a doughnut, sweet juices , this was the perfect woman, one I can only say was the best friend, best fuck, best companion ever, we shared experiences like this for another 4months, in secret, pften travelling to rooi els or paarl or franschoek to a bnb , and having a holiday midweek of sexual exploits which scare for nothing. She is now married again , I still see her every now and then in the mall or pass her by , both looking at each other with a sparkle, her new husband none the wiser why we grin greet and move on ... I was her novel, I was her dirk pitt, an adventure which will never be forgotten.