Written by garfield_kzn

20 May 2014

so there I land at Athens on a cold windy day . so much for the famous Greece weather . im off to meet my friends on the island of Crete . I chose a ferry ride of 8 hours to see more of the islands on the way . what a sight !

my friends collect me at the harbour and off we go to our small village . all villages in Greece are small but very close to each other . we had a good dinner and drank the vino of Greece .

next morning they decided to laze at the pool while I ventured on a rented scooter around the isle . most beaches in Greece are topless so it was not strange to find a nice small beach with a few topless ladies .

in fact some were even total starkers .

I chose a beach lounger -- by the way are kept at the beach -- day and nite ....and not get stolen like in sa .

a leggy brunette nearby smiled at me when I couldn't help but to notice her firm perty nipples .

we chatted about the blue water ,, all the while I kept focussed on her all over tan .

she asked if I could rub some more oil on her back ..which I greedily did . I also oiled the lanky legs and moving up her legs I accidently touched her pussy lips . I waited for the slap ...but she just wriggled her bums a bit .

I continued to rub slowly....touching more ....almost parting the moist lips . she arched her back to give me a better view of her pussy .

I looked around the beach and saw the other people slowly leaving to go to the hotel for lunch nearby .

I had 1 hand on her back and my middle finger now deeper in her pussy . she moaned as I started to rub the inside more intensely now . I kept on until she shrieked an orgasm .

she turned around to give me full access to her body . I sucked on the nipples as they were pushed in my face . my poor cock jumped to attention as she took it out of my shorts . she almost swallowed him whole . I guessed her to be about 50 but with the body of a 32 .

she pushed me down on my back clearly showing who is in charge . did I complain ? nooo

she straddled me gliding my cock into her very wet cunt . without waiting she started to ride me hard . she was a sex goddess wow . I rubbed her clit as she leaned back . the sun gave her sweaty body an extra shine as she bucked with frenzy now .

I couldn't last forever and shot my load deep in her cunt . she came again and again exploding ontop of me . she then leaned forward kissing me .

I was in cloud 9 and 10 hehe . eventually we rose and went for a dip to cool off .

we kissed our goodbyes as she had to leave . not before giving me her hotel info . I nearly orgasmed again as she greeted a tall blond about 21 years old walking up to us ...stark naked . meet my daughter she said .....

well ...lets just say 2 nights later I went to her hotel room ....both waiting for me

tell you more next time