Written by ohdaddy

07 Aug 2014

so I started chatting with this couple from Rustenburg via SH, and after exchanging pics and chatting via whatsapp it was decided that we should all meet, I was to come to their house once the kids were in bed.

I arrived home, grabbed a shower and freshened up and headed out. I met Mr L and he instantly offered me a beer, shyt I was nervous as usual. here I was standing outside this guys house having a beer and we were discussing some rules. well I needn't be nervous, a few minutes in and he calls for Mrs L. She came out wearing a thin cotton summer dress and he introduced me to her.

we all went inside to sit around the kitchen and had a couple more drinks and easily chatted away. I almost forgot that I was there to have sex? well time flew and just after midnight, Mrs asks Mr if we could please go and play, "you ready?" asked Mr? I need not answer as I was soon down the passageway to their bedroom where we all started disrobing at the speed of sound and before I knew it Mrs L was sitting on the edge of the bed and had a cock in each hand.

my hands caressed her neck, breasts and ran through her hair. wow she was gorgeous. she looked up at Mr L and then took his cock out of her mouth and locked eyes with me, she swolled my cock whole in one go and gave the sexiest little gag - I nearly blew my load right there. hang in I though. this continued for a few more minutes and I had to do something fast before I became anti social. I got down on my knees between her wide spread legs and started kissing her thighs while running my fingers up and down on the sides of her pussy. she had the sexiest little pussy I have seen, her Labia was concealed, and she didn't have lets say a normal pussy where the lips are sticking out. a first for me and I have been around my fair share of them in my life lol....

she started moaning as my tongue founds its way between her tight wet slit and onto her clit, Mr L pushed his cock deep into her throat and she gagged and started bucking, I moved my tounge away and let her calm down a little. my finger started teasing the entrance of her wet pussy, I fingered her about 2cm at a time - the anticipation must have driven her nuts because as soon as I started licking her clit again she reached down and forced my finger deep inside her... hell she was wet. at that point I started working her g spot while licking her now swollen, angry and protruding clit with a fierce determination to make this woman climax like all hell. it did not take long before she was lying back on the bed just having had a hell of a climax. she was even pale from the climax and shaking. and what was the remnants of her climax still dripping off my chin.

laughing Mr L climbed onto the bed with his video camera which had surfaced somewhere along the line and offered his cock to Mrs L, she happily accepted and was on all fours offering me her derriere. Mr L gestured that I get a move on and get moving into Mr L. I positioned myself behind her and could feel all the built up tension in myself from such an awesome oral session I had to really put will into not blowing my load right there and then.

I ribbed the tip of my cock up and down her dripping wet pussy and caused her to shudder when I rubbed her clit with the head of my cock. I lined up and pushed the head of my cock into her wet pussy. man she was tight, it felt as if she had a rubber band in her pussy which was holding onto my cock with all might, I withdrew till I was barely in then slammed my cock deep into her, she put her head on Mr L's groin and closed her eyes, I kept on pounding her from behind with long hard strokes aimed at maximum penetration. I could feel she was pointing her toes and stretching out her feet as her next orgasim was building up. I gently pushed her down onto the bed so that she was lying flat face down with my cock still inside her, I positioned my feet inside of hers and pushed her legs apart so that I could really fuck her properly like she wanted.

I was grabbing hold of her sexy round ass and ran my thumb over her pretty little ass and gently pressed it in which sent her into overdrive and together with the sound of our bodies meeting, the wetness of her pussy, the deep grunts that were escaping from her throat as I fucked her hard while she was now sucking Mr L's cock soon proved to be too much for me, "Im close" I warned as we had arranged, "inside me" is what came from her and Mr L nodded in conformation.

I pressed my thumb deep into her ass while my other hand held her hip firm and I kept pounding hard at her letting my orgasim build and do its own thing for a change and not be held back anymore, I could feel the thick jets of cum squirting inside her pussy as her own pussy went into spasms grasping my cock, milking me, I kept on sliding in and out of her - I slowed my rhythm down and admired the mess that had been created. my cock was covered in frothy white creamy cum and pussy juice mixture and the sheet under was drenched. I decided to ease out of her as Mr L was getting a little flustered and wanted to have his wife. I moved over and lay on my side close to Mrs L while Mr L entered his wifes freshly fucked pussy. His cock was rock hard and within a stoke it was covered in the same white mixture of cum and pussy juice.

he had a look in his face as if he was possessed and started fucking Mr L missionary hard, I stayed to the side and just watched as the two of them locked eyes and gave in to each other. both climaxed together and we all just kinda lay around for a while jocking about the amount of cum she had inside her, grabbed a quick shower and headed out.

haven't seen them since, they are off of SH, who knows maybe we bump into each other