Written by Great Experience

16 Apr 2013

On the way to his house I got a little lost....which took away a lot of the excitement which I had built up during the day, to have my first cuckold experience. Eventually when I got there as I walked through the door and saw the look of appreciation on his face, the excitement started to make its way back into my tummy. I took a seat on the couch while he was pouring us each a class of wine. He came over and sat next to me. We started talking about how my day went and also his and about how different Cape Town is (where he used to stay) to Johannesburg. As time went by and the conversation went on, he eventually put his hand on my upper thigh above my dress. We still carried on chatting about work, where his parents stay and vice versa. Then suddenly he leaned over and kissed me, it was a short kiss, I pulled away and asked him where are we going to “do it” and he asked if I wanted to go to his bedroom.

In the bedroom we stood in front of his bed and started kissing. His hands running down my back and stopping at my bum. He kept on moving his hands over my bum and squeezing it with his hands while we kissed. I could feel the excitement fluttering in my stomach again. He then put his hands underneath my dress, still fondling with my bum and I started unbuttoning his shirt. He then took his pants of and I took my dress of. Still in my g string and him in his underwear we started to kiss again still standing. We then went onto the bed and he took my g string off and his underwear, then started kissing my neck moving down over my breast and softly flicking his tongue over my nipples then moved all the way down and kissed me on the inside of my thighs. By now my breath has quickened and I was eager to feel his tongue on my pussy. He then read my mind and started to suck gently on my clit, it felt amazing. I could feel how wet my pussy was and getting more wet by the second. His tongue was all over my pussy, sucking it with eagerness. Telling me how sweet and good my pussy tastes. I was moaning and enjoying every minute. I then started to suck his cock, it was rock hard and ready for my warm mouth to pleasure it. I sucked and enjoyed hearing him moan and that made my pussy even more wet. He then moved himself on top of me, first pressing his hard cock against my pubic bone, teasing me and then suddenly I felt his hard cock slowly making it’s way into my soaking wet pussy. He moaned with enjoyment and said “your pussy is so tight”. I then gave over to all the horny emotions inside me and moaned with pleasure as he started fucking me deep and hard. It’ was not long before he started moaning harder and then sprayed my pussy full of his cum. My pussy was wanting more of his hard cock. I could feel his warm cum dripping out of my pussy and that made me even hornier. He then got up to fetch a towel for me. As he came back into the room he still had a hard cock and immediately I put it to use and sat on top of him and started riding his cock. I soon felt like changing the position, got off and laid on my tummy with my legs close to each other. He then followed suit and slowly put his hard cock inside me, again telling me how tight my pussy is. This kinky talk was exactly what I needed and started moaning hard whilst he started fucking my pussy, even harder this time. All I could think about was this amazing feeling off this hard cock filling my pussy. And all I could do was just say “fuck this feels so good” and kept on moaning and moaning until I felt him spraying my pussy with his cum. He slowly took out his cock and fell next to me on the bed, saying “that was amazing, I love fucking your tight pussy” I smiled and then got up to drink some water and get my vibrator. I started playing with my pussy whilst he was lying next to me kissing me and feeling my breasts and nipples, I tried my very best to cum but it did not happen. I then got up and walked over to a chair in the corner of his room and he knew I wanted him to fuck me from behind. Once again inserting his hard cock into my wet pussy and moaning how good and tight my pussy feels. He started slamming his cock inside my pussy. Hard and I could hear how wet my pussy was from his cum and my juices as he pushed himself in and out of me. All I could do was hold onto the chair and moan uncontrollably with pleasure and enjoy the feeling of his cock going in and out of my dripping wet pussy. He fucked me so hard, almost felt like he went all the way to the end of my pussy. Then I heard his moaning grow louder and louder and he went deeper and harder, almost felt like my pussy can’t take anymore and then he found his release and I felt his warm cum filling my, now, tender pussy. I was out of breath he was out of breath and sweat was on his forehead as he worked for his release inside my tight pussy. We both agreed that it was great fucking and that we very much enjoyed it!

On my way home I was thinking how great it was to use his cock for me and my hubbies fantasy. And that hubby would love to taste my “sexed up” pussy and know that it had a good fuck from another cock....