25 Jul 2018

I met him on a chat site......

From the minute we spoke the first time, i knew he was hot.

He asked me a few times to go say hi to him. Eventually i went and waited outside in the car.

The second he got in and sat next to me my heart started racing thumping in my throat

We kissed many times, breathing each other in. Because i was so shy, i found myself trying to fight him off, somehow he eventually stuck his finger in between my legs. He licked his finger and said he loved the taste of me. biting his lower lip all the time.

We must have been in the car what felt like hours, until i eventually left

With our next meeting a few days later, as soon as we walked to his room, he locked the door.

I was so wet with excitement cause i knew, this time, I couldn't resist him. We stripped each others clothing off and i went to lie on his bed. He bent in front of me and lifted my legs, opening them up and stuck his tongue into my already wet womenhood, tasting, licking and sucking until i wanted to scream with pleasure but couldn't. He slowly entered me and started moving, first slowly going deeper, harder and faster.....i squirted all over his bedding and we both exploded.

I wanted more and I started sucking him, taking him deep into my mouth, licking, sucking, all the while staring at his gorgeous face.

Our second session followed a bit later that night, it was just as hard and deep....my orgasm was like a colourful explosion.

In the early hours of the morning when i left him, i knew many of these naughty sexy encounters will follow....