23 Apr 2017

I woke up still in the same spoon position we were in when we fell asleep. I started thinking about the lovemaking we had last night, so loving and tender, so slow and passionate, the type you never want to end. I felt myself getting harder, while I’m resting just against her bum. I move slowly so as not to wake her, and hear a moan, you know the moan I mean, the one that says don’t you dare go anywhere. I move in closer again and wow she’s wet and I slide between her legs. Not inside, but her lips are wrapped around me. I begin to move very slowly backward and forward, I’m sure I’m rubbing her clit, the moans start again and I just keep up the slow steady pace. Every now and then I feel her bum move. I’m still not sure if she’s awake. I couldn’t stop now anyway, I start moving faster as I feel her bum moving with me. She pushes her bum back hard against me and in one fast stroke I’m deep inside her. I shiver at the feeling, so wet and warm and I haven’t been this hard in a long time. I begin moving slowly again, thinking how amazing my lover and best friend is. Reaching around I find her nipples, they are already rock hard, playing with them I feel a twitch and feel the wetness running down between us. This spurs me on and I start moving faster and faster. My hands move to her hips and I pull her into me with every stroke. My climax is building, I carry on until I explode inside her. I move closer and pull her to me. I hear her whisper “good morning you sexy beast, now that’s the way you must wake me every morning”